Chinese Painting

Chinese Painting was one of the elective choices in E1, with Mr. Chiang as the teacher and instruter.

On the first day in Chinese Painting, Mr. Chiang showed and explained to the class the different materials used to make the utensils for Chinese Painting. Then, during the next class, the class learned how to hold a Chinese brush, so that they have a good grip and will be able to control the Chinese brush. After that, everybody practiced drawing simple lines to get used to the feeling of using a chinese brush. Next, Mr. Chiang drew some chinese characters on a piece of paper to show the class how to write chinese characters using specific slashes. Everybody practiced to write chinese characters and their own name using the Chinese brush.
Finally during the next class,  Mr. Chiang demostrated drawing a chinese painting, and after he was done,  the class got a chance to do their own chinese painting.

Q & A’s
Why do you choose this E-course?
“I really like painting, and I want to learn new ways how to paint,” said Erick Huang
“I am interested in painting,” replied Priscilla Yang
“I think this class is very interesting,” Chi-Min Ni answered.

What is the favorite thing you have done in this E-course.
“The spray paint,” Eugene Tang said.
“Everything,” Allyson Edward replied.

What have you learned during this E-course?
“I’ve learned the different strokes of Chinese brush,” Eugene Tang answered.

Now that you’ve looked a little bit into what is happening during Chinese Painting, you could probably see that this a very interesting E-course for you to choose next year!