November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016

Bible Bible Verse: “Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise. “ Proverbs 19:20


Books of the Old Testament: Hosea and Joel


Faith Hero: Esther- Esther listened to and followed the advise of wise counsel.

Word Work     Blue: Vowels sounds before –ng and -mp

Purple: Sounds of i and o

Green: Prefixes re-, ex-, in-, and de-

Orange: Unusual Past Tense Words

Red: Sounds of a

*Assessment on Friday!

­­Reading Workshop We will start a new unit in Reading Workshop this week. Good readers question while reading. Students will explore when to question and how to question in order to improve their comprehension.
Writing Workshop Second graders will finish their 6+ 1 trait unit of organization with composing titles for their imaginative narratives. The title is usually the first thing a reader sees, so titles, while giving a hint to the story, also need to grab the readers interest. Students will also look at a rubric for this trait and evaluate student samples.
Math  This week, students will explore strategies for subtracting double digit numbers using base ten blocks, expanded form and a number line.


Social Studies Our Native People Groups unit will continue with a look at one of Taiwan’s own native people groups- the Ami.
Chapel Please join us this Thursday morning for a K5 chapel. Mr. Wagner will be sharing in the auditorium at 8:10.
Tidbits Star Student- Mia L.


Thanksgiving Feast Thank you to all the second grade parents who helped serve our Thanksgiving Feast. We appreciate and are very thankful for your sacrifice of time!


Upcoming Dates:


Tuesday, 12/6- Christmas Project Math-a-Thon

K2 Christmas Concert


Friday, 12/16- Half day. Dismissal at 12:00pm. No lunch served.


Happy birthday to Cynthia on Saturday, December 3!