January 16, 2017


Bible Spiritual Life Week Please join us as we welcome Hazel Johansen to our campus for ES Spiritual Life Week. Hazel works for ORTV and lives in Taipei. She is an accomplished musician, magician, and puppeteer. Please join us every morning this week at 8:10 in the auditorium as Hazel shares with us through puppets, magic, and music.
Word Work     Blue- Long/short o sounds

Purple- Final syllables

Orange- Adding –ing to VCe ,VVC, and VC patterns

Green- Vowels with blends

Red- Comparative Suffixes

­­Reading Workshop Good readers read nonfiction with a question in mind. We will extend our questioning strategies to nonfiction texts.
Writing Workshop Stories are so much better when writers use concrete, descriptive language. Second graders will continue learning and practicing strategies that improve their word choice. We will look for words that sparkle in the texts we read, as well as look for better words to replace over used dull words.
Math This week in math, students will finish Addition and Subtraction with regrouping. Towards the end of the week, we will begin looking at how to tell time.


Science Students will plan, conduct, and evaluate a scientific investigation regarding the properties of matter.
Chapel Please join us for a K5 chapel every morning this week in the auditorium at 8:10 to hear our spiritual Life Speaker, Hazel Johansen.
Tidbits Star Student- Annette


Upcoming Dates to Remember

Monday, 1/16 – Friday, 1/20 – Elementary Spiritual Life Week

Monday, 1/23 – Thursday, 1/26- Chinese New Year Activities

Friday, 1/27 – Friday, 2/3- Chinese New Year/No school

Monday, 2/6- School Resumes