Competition Pool Grand Opening

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The grand opening of the new pool was held on April 11th along with its first meet.
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During the ceremony Mr. Schmidt, one of the swim coaches, was asked what features are included in the new the pool. He answered the question briefly during the ceremony and submitted a longer answer below:

  • Cool Deck system, no more burnt feet: The material on the deck prevents it from getting hot from the sun – protecting elementary students and lifeguards alike from injury.
  • Bleacher Seating, a place for spectators to sit: In the past there was no place for parents and guests to sit while at the pool. Now, we have ample seating overlooking the entire pool area so all can see. We even put in extra electrical outlets for spectators to be able to charge their devices and/or film races of their children.
  • Solar Blankets, covers to keep the heat in: Special solar blankets were purchased and shipped from Australia to keep the heat in the pool at night during the Spring and Fall. This will allow the pool to stay open for a longer season. They can cover both pools.
  • Infinity/Zero Gutter System, all around the pool: No more low gutter to get your elbow caught or sprain your ankle in. This gutter rests on the edge and allows water to flow directly in from above. This feature also helps create a much faster pool for racing because the water doesn’t bounce back at the swimmer, it flows away from them.
  • Starting Blocks, in each lane: This is the first time we’ve had starting blocks. They allow the swimmer to take off from a height and get much more distance than just from the deck. Also, backstrokers are able to use the handle to start from – allowing them to be much faster in a race.
  • High-Quality Lane Lines, between each lane: In the past, we only had two lane lines in the entire pool. Now, we have high-quality ‘wave eater’ racing lane lines between each lane. This makes racing much safer (no collisions) and faster as the design of each lane line is to ‘eat’ or diminish the waves created by swimmers as they swim.
  • No Slip Tiles, on both ends of the pool: We special ordered no-slip tiles from Turkey to help alleviate the problem of the feet of swimmers sliding on the wall when they turn (the second fastest part of the race).
    All reports so far say that they are working exactly as designed.
  • Water Solar Panels, on the Upper Gym roof: There are fifty water solar panels, using the heat of the sun to heat the pool. Instead of creating electricity, these panels have thin black panels inside full of water. Cool water enters the system and warm/hot water exits. This water then travels from the roof to the pool basement where it is added to the pool water as needed. In the past, we had no heat in the pool at all – often swimming practice at 18 or 19 or 20 degrees C. Now, along with the solar blankets already mentioned, the use of the pool should be extended for one to two months in the Fall (ending later) and the Spring (starting earlier).
  • Automatic Chemical System, keeping the chemicals balanced
  • Automatic Filter System, keeping the water clean
  • Automatic UV Light System, keeping the water healthy
  • Lifeguard Office, beautiful
  • Swim Office, for the first time – beautiful
  • Pool Equipment Room, spacious & beautiful
  • Proper Bathrooms, spacious & beautiful
  • Covered Swimming Pool, a new addition: This was designed for pre-school, Grade K, and Grade 1 new swimmers in mind. It has steps to get in and out as well as benches on both sides for students to sit on while listening to their swim instructor. It also has the cool ‘Morrison Ma/Mustang’ designed into the tiles of the floor.
  • Full Display Scoreboard, for all six lanes: We had no scoreboard in the past and no way to see how the swimmers had done in their races. Now, with the latest LED display scoreboard, spectators can see the running and final times for each lane from almost all areas of the deck.
  • Timing Computer, in the Swim Office: This computer allows the timing system to work – knows who is swimming where and when, and posts the split and final times for all six lanes of the pool.
  • Touch Pads and backup buttons, for all lanes: These are placed in the water before a swim meet – in each lane. When the swimmer touches the pad, their time is registered – first in 50m increment splits and then as the final time. The backup timers use the backup buttons and push them when the swimmer in their lane touches the wall. This is done in case a pad did not register a time due to the swimmer not hitting the pad correctly.

There are many more things I could say about the pool – like the amazing lighting (we ‘swam in the dark’ in the past), automatic vacuum (all done by hand in the past), and lots of other features.

Coach Schmidt