HS In-Touch

Principal's Page 校長的信

How is our school doing?
What is happening on our campus?
How are we moving forward?

Spiritual Ethos 屬靈精神

How is God being revealed on our campus?
What are we doing to show Christ in us?
What opportunities exist to facilitate spiritual growth?

Student Activities 學生活動

How are Morrison students connecting through Arts and/or Athletics?
What are some current projects that students are engaged in?
What's happening in each class through student government?

Tech Time 科技時間

How is Morrison using technology to leverage learning in the classroom?
How can parents learn more about digital parenting?
How is the implementation of innovation impacting a student's ability to think?

Counseling Corner 輔導室天地

How are we connecting students to universities?
What do students need to do to be better prepared for the next level?
How is Morrison helping students through life?

Community Corner 社區園地

What are some important dates to know about?
How is Morrison connecting with the community?
What opportunities exist for our community to be involved with our school?

Positive Press 正向訊息

How are teachers at Morrison creating and sustaining a positive learning environment?
What are students doing that are promoting a climate of friendliness and warmth?