World Scholar’s Cup – Taiwan Round

{artimageview flickrSet=”72157633431143597″ flickr=”78731558@N02>;;;;;” flickrApiKey=”318b0b61a79a582e2f1f53d20843427a” flickrThumbSize=”s” flickrImageSize=”b” flickrNumberOfImages=”50″}{/artimageview}The juniors then went to their debate rounds, while the seniors proceeded to the Commons Basement to start their Collaborative Writing. In Creative Writing, students were provided six arguments. Each team member had to choose a different topic than their teammates. The seniors were given a total of 15 minutes to prepare their arguments and evidence with any electronic devices they brought with them. After the 15 minutes, the seniors had one hour to write their essays using one page of notes on their topics. There was 10 minute break that came right after the junior debates and senior writing. The Challenge, a multiple choice test with seven different topics on the WSC page, soon came after.

The juniors, after three tiring debate rounds, and the seniors, after the Challenge and Writing, went and grabbed their lunch outside the Cafeteria and had a 30-minute lunch where scholars all over Taiwan could chill and chat with their friends while eating lunch. After the short lunch, the seniors started their debate rounds while the juniors walked down to the Commons and started their Collaborative Writing with the Challenge that came right after a 10-minute break.

Finally, everyone gathered in the Auditorium for the Scholar’s Bowl. Each team used a clicker to respond to the questions on the screen. They had to click the right letter in 15 seconds or less. Each question had an amount of points, and the team with the most amount of points won first place. After the Bowl, it was the debate showcase. Six students from different schools were nominated right on the spot to showcase their debate skills. Max Ellis from our school was one of the six who were choosen.

The Awards Cermony came right after the Debate Showcase, and many students and teams got trophies and medals in different categories. For example, Jennifer, Brian, and Bryan got first place in the Bowl, Ally got third place in Arts, and Chi-Min got medals for a variety of categories. Then groups who are qualified to the Dubai round were announced, and there was laughters and tears. After a long tiring day, WSC-Taiwan Round was finally over, with each scholar leaving with much more experience, knowledge, and plenty of memories to share. Maybe we will see you in Dubai!


Many students that particapated in the WSC for the first time thought that the World Scholar’s Cup would be a serious tournament, but it ended up fun.

“At first, I thought that it was gonna be boring, but it ended up to be pretty fun,” said Julia.

“When I joined it, I thought it was going to be really hard to study all the materials, but it was pretty fun to study the materials with my group and friends,” quoted Ally.

“I learned a lot in the World Scholar’s Cup. When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be really boring and serious, but it ended up fun and crazy,” said Jennifer.

By Ally, Jennifer, Julia (MS)