Flea Market Fundraising

Though 14 foundations were involved in the flea market (organizations such as the Huei-Ming Blind School, Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery, and Shy Fong Foundation), the students were especially excited about aiding a special organization that assisted women in poverty, particularly those who live in the Philippines, by selling the bracelets they made. The women would buy the materials needed to make these bracelets, then make a profit by giving it to other people-like Morrison’s middle school students-to sell. During the flea market, students ultimate goal was to sell as much bracelets as possible-and they were more than willing to do so. After setting up tents and stations, they held up signs and began confidently selling, determined to raise as much money as possible.

At first it seemed like an impossible task and the students efforts seemed to be utterly useless-but by the end of the day, an astounding 10000 NT had been raised. In fact, the project turned out to be so successful that plans to sell more bracelets the following year were made. Not only that, but the money raised by the 14 foundations were invested into further projects for international ministries.

The middle school students had worked harder than ever before to achieve another impressive Christian Service Learning goal. Once again, they had lent a hand to people in need-though this time, through the challenging act of fundraising, they had also made the 2012 flea market a unique and perfectly unforgettable experience.

Article written by 8th grade student, Annie L.