Hobbi Maurer


Hobbie Maurer was a three sport athlete especially known for his basketball ability. A hardworking and dependable player, he was the one the team would go to when the game was on the line. Averaging 19.5 points a game he has the second highest career scoring average in Morrison history. Hobbie scored 1304 points in his career which places him fourth on the all-time list. He also dominated the boards with 711 career rebounds which is second in Mustang career totals. Hobbie, also, contributed to the soccer program. When he was playing defense, the offensive line was said to play without fear. In track he was a 400m runner and a member of the 1600m relay team. Hobbie was a athlete respected by his teammates for his humble attitude, cool head, and work ethic. His presence gave confidence to the whole team.

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