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High School Students! Join Camp Morrison this summer for an exciting experience filled with learning and adventure. As our first fully-endorsed Morrison summer camp program, we aim to provide students with outstanding enhancement opportunities through academic courses, sport clinics, and a myriad of internship opportunities. From Creative Writing, SAT Math, and a varsity-coach-led Basketball Clinic, […]

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Join Camp Morrison this summer for an exciting experience filled with learning and adventure. As a fully-endorsed Morrison program, our aim this summer is to provide enhancement of learning, fun and enjoyment, and educational adventures for our Morrison community. We invite your children to spend part of their summer at Camp Morrison learning, connecting with […]

PE Dept. Expectations


English 親愛的家長, 馬禮遜對體育教育的理念,雖然沒有像其他學術科目一般,但卻是我們全人教育目標中,非常重要的核心價值中的一部分, 所以要求每位同學在上體育課時,就像上其他任何課程一般,遵守以下的規定。如果您的孩子簽名同意,就表示他們清楚瞭解並同意遵守以下的規範,如果您對以下 各點有任何問題或建議,歡迎隨時和我們洽談,謝謝! 出席: 如果同學因故無法參加體育課,請家長或健康中心務必出示證明無法上課的理由,如果學生需要缺課兩次以上,請提出醫生證明。 體育服裝:二手的體育服裝(限有存貨時)每件100元,全新的每件200元,每位學生上體育課時,必須穿著體育服裝,除非老師事先告知當天不須穿著體育服。 我們強烈建議每位同學,購買兩套體育服裝以方便換洗,開學後的第一星期,您可以在學生商店購買全新的體育服裝,學期中如有需要也可購買。 體育服裝上務必寫上學生的姓名(全名和姓的縮寫) ,不可以向其他同學借體育服裝上課,如有穿著他人的服裝上課,須繳罰金10元(每件) ,而且必須將借用的服裝交給體育老師。 另外, 如果體育服裝隨意亂放,每件也將罰款10元, 我們將使用這罰金作為清洗的費用。 每星期結束前,請同學們務必將體育服裝及其他個人物品帶回家(以方便清洗及清點),沒有帶回家而留在學校的物品,我們會集中放在體育館門口的失物招領箱, 每季結束時,我們會將無人招領的衣物,送給舊衣收集中心。 上游泳課時, 請務必穿著合宜的游泳衣 並攜帶浴巾。女生必須穿連體式泳衣上課。 學生們不准在體育課以外的時間,穿著體育服裝。為了衛生起見, 體育課結束後,請換上原來的衣著。 上體育課時,如在溼熱的環境下 或激烈運動而滿身大汗,我們會要求同學們在下一堂課前沐浴,體育老師會給學生充裕的時間沐浴換洗,不會讓他們遲到, 這可以幫助他們保持整潔清爽,也藉機讓孩子們學習如何照顧自己的身體,也表達對身邊人的尊重和禮節。 淋浴間有提供沐浴乳。 置物櫃: 每位學生在體育館裡,都有一個專屬的置物櫃, 希望每位同學,都將自己的體育服裝和運動鞋,放在置物櫃裡,不要將置物櫃的密碼告訴其他人。 體育部門希望能協助每位同學,對上體育課有一個正面的態度,並提供一個每位學生都可以大展身手充分發揮的環境, 謝謝各位的支持和配合!

PE Class Expectations

中文 Dear Parents, Physical Education at Morrison, although not purely academic in nature, is an important part of our core value in educating the whole person.  With this in mind, each student participating in a P.E. class at Morrison is expected to follow the general P.E. guidelines below as well as those specific to a […]


General Information Teaching Jobs At Morrison: Morrison Academy is looking for faculty and staff members that love God, love what they do and love the people they serve. If you are looking for a Christian teaching job overseas where you can obey God’s commission to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”, then we […]

Life In Taichung

Information for Taiwan Expatriates Compass Magazine Taichung, Taiwan Information City Guide Taiwan Government Entry Point Weather Central Weather Bureau Web Site (includes forecasts, typhoons, earthquakes) Typhoon information Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones Worldwide 行政院人事-天然災害停止上班及上課情形查詢 ‎Typhoon related Closures in Taiwan Near Realtime Earthquake information Earthquake List for Map of Asia Region Taiwan Earthquake Information Real-time Earthquake […]


How do I become one? You must be a high school student and you must be at least 15 years old. Instructor of this course: Mr. Randy Schmidt Roles of a lifeguard include: prevent injuries by minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations or behaviors enforce facility rules and regulations and educate patrons about them recognize and […]

Web Journalism & Design

In the web journalism & design e-course, the students visit other e-courses to take pictures and interview them. Why? Because the students are going to write an article about the e-course on the school website, and add some pictures into them to let other people understand what this e-course is doing.  Lets see what the […]