K5 Spiritual Life Week, Spring 2016


  • Is it TRUE? Use your technology to find, explore and expose that which is True.
  • Is it HELPFUL? Use technology in a way that is helpful to yourself and/or others as you pursue to make a positive impact on those around you.
  • Is it marked by INTEGRITY? Use technology in a right and pure manner all the time.
  • Is it NECESSARY? Use technology to support your learning.
  • Is it KIND? Use technology to inspire goodness and kindness in the world around you.

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This year’s K5 Spiritual Life Week is scheduled for January 18-22 and is fast approaching! Our speaker this year has a timely message for our school, and especially our K8 community.

Our time together will continue to focus on our K2W theme (knowledge to wisdom) with a very specific emphasis on digital citizenship. This is a very appropriate topic for the time we live in and something Carl is passionate about. Our hope is that not only will this week deepen our students’ understanding (knowledge), but it will also impact their decision-making (wisdom).

In addition to daily chapel messages, Carl will also prepare a special presentation for parents during this month’s CC Cafe (counseling center) on January 20. We hope to see you there!

Speaker: Carl Post

Carl Post-edited

Carl’s been living in China for over a decade now where he has served as the International School of Qingdao’s elementary school principal. His current role of City Manager provides leadership and spiritual care for School Staff and families. Mr. Post and his wife Cindy responded to God’s call to invest their lives in elementary students and together developed a deep commitment to equip future generations. Carl is energized by people and loves public speaking. He describes himself as an extrovert who has yet to meet a stranger. The Posts have three boys (11, 8 and 4). We can’t wait to hear what he has prepared for us!



Chapel: MTThF 8:10-8:50 W 9:10-9:50
CC Cafe: Wed 8:10-8:45