Taitong Missions Trip, 2016

Team Members:

Juniors: Callie Chung, Esther Brown, Melissa Kimble, Jack Widener, Tiffanie Lin, Zachary Pagel, Joy Taylor. Seniors: Daniel Hwang, Ethan Chang, Joel Kelly

Senior Leaders: Olivianna Calmes, Jonathan Wang

Adult Leaders: Gloria Wang, Ben Schulz, Rex Manu



On the Taitung 2016 trip, the team worked with Hannah’s Home, Canaan Elderly Home, Bao Sang Elementary School (ordinary and special needs kids), the NTTU Special Needs High School, and The Rock Cafe ministry.2000px-Taiwan_ROC_political_division_map_Taitung_County.svg

Hannah’s Home is an orphanage for babies up to 2 years old. Some of the team played with babies of different ages and the rest helped with cleanup and storage. The babies there were hesitant at first but warmed up to the team and we had a blast walking and exercising with them outside as well.


In addition to staying at Canaan Elderly Home, a branch of the Taitung Christian Hospital, we reached out to the elderly there. TaitongMissions_2016_ElderlomeWe sang songs, danced, played games, and Joy and Jack shared stories about our grandparents with them. The elderly there were very lively and interactive.

Our team stood outside the entrance of Bao Sang Elementary School with the principle and high fived and greeted kids as they came to school. Then, our students split into groups to teach Vocab+story (Joel, Olivianna, Jonathan), Music (Melissa, Esther, Joy), PE (Jack, Zach, Daniel), and Arts and crafts (Callie, Tiffanie, Gloria). Each group had about 40 minutes per class and a series of 4 classes before lunch. The vocab group taught kids animal names in English and played vocab games.. The music group got a lot of exercise as Joy, Melissa, and Esther lead them in songs that got faster and faster with hand motions. The PE group played dodgeball and soccer. The art group also got to know the kids and teach them cooool stuff as they made fun crafts and bracelets.


TaitongMissions_2016_HannahsHome_2At the NTTU Special Needs High school, the students split into two groups to have fun with the huge parachute, play dodgeball and basketball, learn the Chicken Dance, and connect teenager to teenager with our team. It was an interesting experience to work with these type of students as many of our team haven’t worked with special needs high school students, and our team did a fantastic job.

TaitongMissions_2016_Easter ExtravaganzaOn Easter, we helped host an Easter Extravaganza at Bao Sang Elementary School where our students lead lots of booths: an Easter egg hunt, basketball, crafts, outdoor games, soccer, egg coloring, face painting, hair braiding, and more. We were able to connect with kids and show them lots of love. Ethan Chang got to share the gospel with kids at the basketball station. We picked up a team pet there also, Zendaya.

The Rock Cafe is an English Ministry that works by inviting students to hang out and enjoy free coffee. Our team performed skits and some shared testimonies (Zach, Jonathan, Joel, and Callie) and led many great conversations with the students there. Two senior girls accepted Christ and we are glad that they will be able to get plugged into the Rock and the great leaders there.

Overall, our team had a blast working with people in Taitung and Mr. Mauer. There was great chemistry in our team and we bonded quickly. We hope that we have greatly impacted Taitung and the amazing people we connected with. We exercised lots of love and patience and learned more about our spiritual gifts there. We will never forget this trip!