Board Chair’s Update

In Touch Letter

Dear Morrison Staff and Parents,
The Board of Trustees wants to take this time to say thank you.  As Trustees, we greatly appreciate the valuable feedback you provide at the forums and through surveys. We regularly use your input in making strategic decisions for Morrison Academy. 
As you know, this year we have been exploring the addition of grades ten to twelve on the Kaohsiung and Taipei campuses of Morrison Academy.  This has been a difficult, complex decision.  We thank you for your support, prayers and patience as this has been a long process that has required much research, collaboration, deliberation, planning and prayer.  On January 22, 2013, after again reviewing Morrison's purpose and vision, assessing the needs and concerns expressed by our constituents, evaluating the ability to utilize technology in today's learning, and analyzing a viability checklist, the Board of Trustees authorized the following minute:
MOTION PREVAILED to authorize the addition of grades ten through twelve on the Kaohsiung and Taipei campuses of Morrison Academy. The Kaohsiung campus will begin with grade ten in August, 2013. The Taipei campus will begin to implement the addition of grades ten through twelve when sufficient space is acquired.
We are excited as this allows students and parents more choices for high school.  We ask for you to be prayerful, patient and understanding as Morrison implements and works through the timing of this complex change.  We are thankful that God has given Morrison Academy such talented and dedicated administrators and staff, and we are confident in their abilities to make this transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, first contact your principal.
Thank you again for your investment in the lives of our students.   It is our privilege to partner with you to carry out Morrison's vision and purpose. 
Alicia Edwards, Board Chair 
今年,我們花了許多時間討論有關在高雄和台北校區增設十至十二年級的計劃,這是一個困難而且複雜的決定。董事會感謝您,在這個漫長過程中對學校的支持、代禱與耐心。經過再次回顧馬禮遜學校的目的與願景、評估家長/學生的需求與關注的事、在目前學習環境中使用電腦科技的能力、以及分析各項可能性之後,董事會於 2013年1月22日做了以下的決議:
再次感謝您! 能和您一起投注心力在孩子的生命中,實現馬禮遜學校的願景與目的,是我們的榮幸!
董事長  Alicia Edwards 敬上