In Touch (November 2017): Principal’s Page


    November 1, 2017

    Dear Morrison Parents,

    We have been receiving very good feedback regarding our new high school advisory program. Students are having the opportunity to build relationships in a small group setting that will help promote a culture of mentorship.  Some of the topics have led students into self reflection and helped them to know failure is a part of life and how to deal with it. I’ve also heard about several students asking their advisor to be a mentor to them.

    Another practical example of building a culture of mentorship is implemented through our Character Counts Program. We’re still just applying this to all athletes, student leadership, and performing arts students. Teachers are using a rubric to measure student character in 3 areas, responsibility, learning attitude and effort, and engagement. The student’s coach or sponsor receives an email for any student at risk or below standard along with the rubric scores and teacher/class where they’re struggling. Conversations have been taking place and students are working harder to grow in areas of weakness.

    Our student-athletes just returned from ACSC tournament trips last week. Both our girls volleyball team and boys soccer team represented our school and our Lord well in their respective locations. The boys went to Penang, Malaysia and the girls traveled to Hong Kong.  Our swim team hosted an ACSC/MAC Invitational swim meet that included 13 schools and over 200 athletes from 6 different countries. I am excited to see how our students will grow from these experiences.  It doesn’t matter where we finished in the respective tournaments, it’s more about building character and having a positive experience.  It’s not what you get for playing, it’s what you become because you played.

    Also, so that we can make sure we get information to each family regularly, we would greatly appreciate if parents could check their email regularly. If an email address changes, please contact the high school office so we have updated contact information.

    The fall play is already here! Come out Friday or Saturday to see a fun filled comedy and be entertained by our wonderfully talented students.


    Junior Carnival is quickly approaching, get your tickets and bring the whole family to Morrison next Friday. If you’re new to Morrison, this is one of the biggest events of the year and there’s literally fun for the whole family. I hope to see you there.



    God Bless,

    Doug Bradburn    
    High School Principal




    另一個建立輔導文化的例子是透過實施 “Character Counts Program.”  我們剛剛開始要將這個課程應用在運動選手,學生領袖,和表演藝術學生。老師們利用評量標準,來評量學生們在負責任,學習態度與用心,以及管理能力等三方面的人格特性。如果有學生低於標準值,老師們會收到關於該學生在哪一方面需要幫助的email 通知。老師們會和學生們面談,學生們也會努力改善自己的弱點。

    我們的體育選手們,上星期剛剛從ACSC聯賽回台。女生排球隊和男生足球隊,兩隊都在參賽的地點為學校和我們的主爭光,男生隊去了馬來西亞,檳城; 而女生去了香港。我們的游泳隊則負責主辦游泳ACSC聯賽和馬禮遜邀請賽,共有來自六個國家的13個學校,超過兩百人參賽。我非常期待看到我們的學生在這個活動中能有所學習。不管比賽結果是什麼,重點是人格的發展和正面的活動經驗。也不是你得到了什麼,而是從比賽中所建造的品格。

    為了確保每個家長都能收到學校的相關訊息,懇請各位定期查看您的email. 如果您的email地址有更改,麻煩通知學校辦公室,以便更新您的聯絡資料。



    嘉年華會即將到來,趕快買票。 歡迎下星期五帶全家一起來同樂。如果你是新生,這是學年中最大的盛會活動之一。到時候見喔!




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