In Touch (March 2017): Positive Press

Business Club Guest Speakers

January 19th:  Mr. Todd Wertz, the president of K-Swiss, Taiwan came to share with our Business Club about the challenges of business and leadership in today’s world.   Sharing from his vast experience and passion for learning, he inspired the students to pursue excellence.



February 23rd:  Mr. Sam Webster shared his from his experiences in life and business and banking

If you would like to share about your field or know of possible guest speakers, please let the HS office know.

Business Club Guest Speakers

ㄧ月十九 日:  K-Swiss 台灣區的總裁 Mr. Todd Wertz 為 Business Club 分享了商業界領導者在現今社會所面臨的挑戰。藉著他的資深經歷和熱情,啟發了學生們努力趨向卓越! 





二月二十三日:Mr. Sam Webster 分享了他在商務,和金融業的經歷。