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Parents: Reject Technology Shame The advantages of helping kids learn to navigate the digital world, rather than shielding them from it
by Alexandra Samuel, The Atlantic November 4, 2015

“Tune into the conversation about kids and screen time, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that before the invention of the iPhone, parents spent every waking moment engaging their kids in deep conversation, undertaking creatively expressive arts-and-crafts projects, or growing their own vegetables in the backyard garden. There’s a tendency to portray time spent away from screens as idyllic, and time spent in front of them as something to panic about.

But research shows that vilifying the devices’ place in family life may be misguided.” [Read more]

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

We are continuing to grow and change as we implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The MAC Digital Parent website was created to help parents understand more about the program.

January 4th was the first day of “Tech Out” time – students in grades 9-11 may not use any electronic devices for the first 10 minutes of study hall. We want students to be able to take a break from electronics, reflect on learning, give their brains a break, have more face time, pick up a book, have a verbal conversation, seek help from a real person (if needed), and use a pencil to write (if needed). Seniors may use devices during this time, but cannot share with underclassmen.

Thanks to our tech team for continued tips for teachers on classroom management with electronic devices. Recent tips include reviewing expectations with students, having backup activities planned in case the tech fails, asking students to close all unrelated tabs, and giving specific directions regarding what to do when a task on the computer is finished.

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家長: 拒做科技門外漢 協助孩子學習領航數位世界而非一味保護他們遠離科技的好處, 作者Alexandra Samuel, 十一月四日, 2015刊登於The Atlantic雜誌

“談到現今孩子與花在螢幕前的時間, 若您會緬懷iPhone上市之前的時光這是人之常情, 那時父母花費每個清醒的時刻在與孩子深度對談, 一起著手創意表達的手工藝術專題, 或在後院一起種植蔬菜. 現在有個傾向在影射花時間遠離螢幕如同置身田園, 而花時間在螢幕前如同一件令人恐慌的事情.

但研究顯示醜化科技產品在家庭生活中的地位可能是被誤導了.” [Read more]

BYOD (自帶設備)

於實施BYOD (自帶設備)之際我們將持續發展及改變. MAC Digital Parent 網站是創造出來協助父母了解更多電腦數位相關訊息.

一月四日開始“Tech Out”時段 – 九至十一年級的學生不能在自習時段的前十分鐘使用任何電子產品. 我們想要學生能夠從電子產品中抽離一下, 反思學習, 讓大腦休息一下, 有更多的面對面對談, 拿起書本, 有個口語對談機會, 向真實的人尋求協助(若需要的話), 以及用支筆寫字(若需要的話). 十二年級生可以在這期間使用電子產品, 但不可與學弟妹分享.

感謝科技組在電子設備的教室管理上持續地給老師們協助. 最近所協助的技巧包含檢視對學生的期望設定, 計畫萬一科技配備失效時的預備活動, 要求學生關上所有不相關的視窗, 以及在電腦上完成功課時應該做些什麼給予明確的方向.