In Touch (Jan 2016): Community Corner

Calendar and current events

For the second year in a row, Mrs. Chase’s AP English classes hosted students from the National Yuan Lin Vocational Technical Senior High School, Department of Applied Foreign Languages. This year the AP English students prepared an icebreaker game and a small variety of poems for Morrison-led small group discussion. The APE students enjoyed connecting with another school in a relaxed and welcoming context and using some of their classroom skills to teach vocabulary, critical thinking and analysis. Mr. Roloff’s freshman Bible class enjoyed leading the students on a campus tour as well.

Upcoming dates to remember:


  • 1/20 CC Café
  • 1/21 Free Throw-a-Thon
  • 1/26 HS PAC Meeting
  • 1/27 HS Musical Auditions
  • 2/3 Progress Reports Are Sent
  • 2/2 Stanford 10 Test for Grade 9 (Students will miss 1-4 periods)
  • 2/5 12:00 dismissal – Professional Learning Day


連續兩年來,Mrs. Chase 的AP 英文課接待了國立員林高工應用外語科學生。
小組討論由馬禮遜學生帶領,今年AP英文課的學生準備了一個破冰遊戲和一些不同的詩。 AP英文課的學生們樂於以輕鬆及熱情的方式與其他學校的學生互動,也能運用在課堂上學習到的技巧做英文單字,批判性思考和分析的分享教學。Mr. Roloff的聖經課學生也很開心的帶領這些學生參觀我們的校園。


  • 1/20 CC Café
  • 1/21 Free Throw-a-Thon
  • 1/26 高中家長會議
  • 1/27 高中音樂徵選
  • 2/3 期中成績單寄出日
  • 2/2 Stanford 10 T評量針對九年級 (學生將會缺一至四堂課)
  • 2/5 12:00 放學 – Professional Learning Day