In Touch (Jan 2016): Counseling Corner

Stanford 10 achievement test will be given to all 9th graders on Tuesday, Feb. 2 starting at 8 AM in the computer lab

CC Cafe dates and topics: Feb. 17: Making the most of your summer. 8-9 AM in the cafeteria.

AP Testing registration now available on the website at AP Testing Information page link

課程安排, CC Cafe和大學最新消息Fall_SpiritWeek2015sm

二月二日周二所有九年級生將進行Stanford 10評量於電腦教室早上八點開始.

CC Café日期與主題: 二月十七日: 有效運用暑假. 早上八至九點在學校餐廳

AP考試報名現正開放在網站AP Testing Information page link