In Touch (Jan 2016): Positive Press


Celebrate awesomeness with us!

This year’s high school staff meetings include a “Positive Press” section – a time when we can let everyone know about the positive things we’ve seen happening at school.

Recent shout outs have gone to:

  • Tim Dwight bringing back the Echo School Newspaper.
  • Ben Schulz helping to start a website for Mr. Aldag’s class.
  • Sunnie Gulliver for using Padlet and portfolios for her students.
  • Ryan Jacobi’s pulling off Career Day, early applications and a college app party on one day!
  • Mr. Belch doing a great job of bringing new rigor to Spanish classes.
  • Mrs. Myburgh implementing QR codes during Fitness classes.
  • Miss Lawson’s tireless efforts on the junior research paper.

Check out these examples of encouraging things staff have noticed:

  • I watched two English teachers discuss how to more effectively teach English and I was encouraged by their enthusiasm.
  • I am encouraged after having several conversations with Jason Roloff about how he is on top of where students are at spiritually and also how he has tried to make appointments to connect with them. I am very glad to have Jason as our new chaplain.
  • Bill Gulliver has been supportive of the science department’s efforts to encourage and teach our students to the best of their abilities.



高中教職員會議於今年增加了“Positive Press”時段 – 這是一個時間可以讓所有人知道我們在學校所看到的正面事項:

  • Tim Dwight 協助重新刊登 Echo School Newspaper.
  • Ben Schulz協助Mr. Aldag的班級設立一個網站.
  • Sunnie Gulliver使用Padlet and portfolios教導她的學生.
  • Ryan Jacobi在同一天交差了Career Day, early applications和大學申請派對!
  • Mr. Belch成功地在西班牙語課帶入了新的要求.
  • Mrs. Myburgh在體能課實施QR codes.
  • Miss Lawson在十一年級的研究報告上不遺餘力.


  • 我看見兩位英文老師討論如何讓英文教學更有效率,他們的教學熱枕讓我倍受激勵
  • 和 Jason Roloff 聊了幾次,很高興得知他很清楚知道學生們在靈命上的需求,並且他也盡力約談學生和學生們建立互動關係。我很慶幸今年我們有Jason Roloff擔任我們的校牧。
  • Bill Gulliver 也用心支持科學部門的教學,激發學生們發揮自己的潛能。