In Touch (January 2017): Positive Press

Christmas Project 2016–Heng Chun Christian Hospital.  

Having great health care and hospital facilities is important to everyone.  At Morrison, one of our core values is to be a loving and caring community.  Thank you for going above and beyond to bless the people in Southern Taiwan.  Working all together, we reached our goals and raised 700, 000 N.T. for the reconstruction of the Heng Chun Christian Hospital.  How good it is to be a part of such a caring and generous community.  Thank you for having a Heart 2 Serve!



擁有優質的的醫療保健和完善的醫院設施對每個人都很重要。 在馬禮遜,我們的核心價值觀之一是成為一個充滿愛心和關懷的社區。 謝謝你們無私的付出和祝福我們南台灣的人民。我們達到了我們的目標,募到700,000 N.T.的善款 幫忙重建恆春基督教醫院。 身為這個社區的一份子我感到很榮幸, 謝謝你們!