Tayal Capstone Project


Hi everyone! We are high school seniors from Morrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan. Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of our school’s Capstone class, in which students develop a project based on their passion or a topic they are interested in, and create a final product that demonstrates their findings. The Tayal indigenous tribe has a long history influenced by the Japanese occupation, evangelism, and modern cultural changes. The tribe has experienced many changes throughout the years and each person has a unique piece to contribute to their story. Historical documentation of the Tayal already exists, so the goal of the project was to capture personal stories and memories of the Tayal that are in danger of being lost in order to have a deeper and more personal understanding of the tribe.

We hope that through our work, readers will have a greater cultural exposure and appreciation for an indigenous tribe of Taiwan. As a team, we are grateful for the rare opportunity we’ve had to interact with a cultural group that we would not be able to otherwise and establish relationships across generations and cultures. Please enjoy our the stories on the Tayal Memories website.

– Tayal Capstone Team (Ashley Lin, Priscilla Yang, Yaelle Lee, Phoebe Han, Will Yang, Joseph Wo)