Junior Senior Banquet: ~The Future Awakens~

The JSB was held  at the Tempus Hotel Taichung.  The theme:”The Future Awakens”, this year’s theme is take on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Junior Senior Banquets are to recognize the seniors leaving every year, and is a banquet put on by the juniors. The night started off with a light-saber battle among Obi One Jacobi (Ryan Jacobi), and Darren Vader (Darren Lu), princess Leia (Rhoni Yang) later joints the fight against Darren Vader, but accidentally shoots Obi One Jacobi instead. Soon after, all 3 characters decide to host the banquet together in peace, and harmony.  There were a multitude of fun events that students, and faculty participated in; lip-sync battles, dancing, and mini-games. The night ended with a dance competition between students, a tribute videos for the seniors, and a wonderful senior gift, accompanied by a ton of awesome photos!

Movie trailer that the class of 2017 created for this year’s upcoming Junior Senior Banquet!

Full movie will be released in a few months, so please stay tuned!

Ryan Jacob as “Obi One Jacobi”


Darren Lu as “Darth Lu”


Rhoni Yang as “Leia Yang”


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Couple & Group Shots

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For more photos, please click here!

Lip Sync Battles

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Guess Who?

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On The Dance Floor

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