Class of 2016 Chalking


At most other schools, chalking (in other words, coloring the school campus) would be inexcusable. However, at Morrison, Chalk Day has long been a tradition that the Senior Class is expected to follow.2016_Senior Chalk Day0001 In preparation o
f this monumental event, Seniors spent three days’ worth of free periods, afternoons, and mornings to create and illustrate a design on the plaza with chalk. For a few, the preparation was a quick 20-minute affair. However, for the majority, preparation meant an hour for the outline of the name, an hour for the outline of a picture, and four or five more to fill everything in. Indeed, some Seniors were reported to have gone to school at 5:00am Friday morning to finish their chalking project.

The Senior Class Officers planned this year’s overall chalk design to be more orderly than the designs of previous years. Four large numbers “2016” were outlined in white. Seniors were free to chalk their names within these numbers and were encouraged to keep their designs adjacent to, if not within, the four numbers. Besides fancy fonts and wriggling words, many designs decorated the plaza. Amongst the more notable ones are a giant pony from “My Little Pony” and chalk silhouettes of actual Senior Class students.2016_Senior Chalk Day0007

On March 4th, 2016—the day on which the 2016th hour before graduation falls—the Seniors were suppose to toast the coming graduation with grape soda. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, the celebration was postponed till the 10th, and since the vast majority of seniors were either off on a sports trip, mission team, the celebration was once again postponed to the 29th of April. The ensuing hour was filled with picture taking—with both chalk designs and people. Underclassmen joined in on the fun and found their favorite seniors to take pictures with. Undoubtedly, the scene firmly imprinted into every Senior’s mind to enjoy the last three months of their time at Morrison.

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