Chinese Cultural Immersion Week

Chinese New Year, as most people know, is celebration of the start of a new lunar calendar. Traditionally, celebrations and events start one night prior the new lunar year, continuing till the 15th of the new lunar calendar, which happens to be Yuan Xiao Jie, also known as “Lantern Festival” . Festivities range from setting off firecrackers, giving/ receiving red envelops with money inside, and eating a large variety of unique foods that are only provided during this period of time. On top of all these activities, unity of the family is considered to be top priority, which consists of visiting relatives of both sides of the family.

Feel free to watch the following video to get a brief idea about Chinese New Year.

Each year Morrison provides it’s students with one week of Chinese culture and activities, most teachers and students call it the “Chinese Cultural Immersion Week”.

Students have the opportunity to take part of the following activities:

The following are some photos of our students participating in some of the activities mentioned above. If you’d like to see more photos click here.