2016, Morrison Spring Musical: State Fair

State Fair Musical

Picture Credits: Erika Chen and Tina Wang


Morrison students had once again put on a spectacular play that awed the audience as to how much talent was in the students. Not only was the talent in the students on stage, but the talent was also in the students involved in makeup and stage crew as well. Furthermore, the talented students who contributed to the playing background music in the pit also played exceptionally well. The State Fair itself, gave a very interesting perspective as to the American society and culture back in the 1950s. Additionally, it was quite humorous to see the different perspectives of relationships.


State Fair Plot Overview-StateFair2


The Frank family in Iowa plans to attend the state fair, and thus Mrs. Frank enters a meat contest, expecting to lose, but surprisingly wins! Margy, the daughter of the Franks also struggles with her long term boyfriend’s plans for their life together, and ends up falling in love and gets engaged to Pat, a reporter.
As for Margy’s brother, his girlfriend leaves for university, only to come back to him, finding
out that he had fallen in love with a singer with a passion for Broadway.


Interview with the Actors/Actresses-


Question: What was the most challenging obstacle you faced in the play?


Hannah Christofferson:

“Musicals are unique to plays in that they require not only acting but also singing and dancing skills. So, one of the most challenging parts in the musical was fitting everything together- but when we did it gave us so much more freedom to really get into and enjoy what we had worked so hard on.”


Question: What did you have the most fun doing?StateFair1


Aliyah Bush:

“There are a lot aside from just great people and everyone having a blast backstage, I really enjoyed the lines I had this time. I had this one line, where Margy asks what we’ll have to do if blue boy doesn’t win, and I say then we’ll have to shoot him.

‘who? blue boy’

‘No. Your father’

and Sam had a line about the cat’s butt or something, and the linoleum lines Caleb’s whole character was just pitifully hilarious, I also just really enjoyed working with everyone, it was nice to be a part of a group that you trusted, and knew were going to get things done, and be the best characters they could be.”