Si-Chang-Li English Club

Si-Chang-Li English Club is a club full of students who are interested in teaching and helping students with English in local communities. Every week the students go to the Si-Chang-Li local school and teach English. Classes are separated into different levels of English skills and the students can choose the levels they want to teach in. Lessons are to be prepared by the students, who can prepare the lessons either together or alone. On every other club day, the students gather together to learn and discuss more on their teaching skills and reflect on how they can be better teachers. It is a really fun club to join because you can teach with your friends and know more about your community by talking to the students in the local school. Serina says “ It is a very good experience because it makes me understand how teachers feel and helps me be more organized because you have to be focused during the entire class. It is not only an experience to teach them, but also an experience to teach yourself as well.” Tiffany says “ I feel like this is a really good experience to have, whether you are going to teach other people in the future or not. Despite the good experience, the time spent with these kids is fun and memorable. To join this club, you don’t need to be perfect in English, but you do need to have the passion to teach and the heart to serve.