2015 Junior Carnival “A Knight to Remember”

Each year, Morrison juniors host a specific themed carnival, which includes food, rides, and activities for locals to participate in. This years carnival as the title suggests, was medieval themed, with handsome princes, and gorgeous princesses.  The amount of time and energy invested into this particular carnival reflected the heart of the junior class: ambitious and diligent. Throughout the night of the Junior Carnival,knights and princes were scattered across campus. The people who dressed up ranged from young children wanting to impress their friends to the emcees who wished to blend in with the theme. The night was packed with raffle drawings, eating international treats and booth exploring, which Spanned from a haunted mansion,  archery, to a medieval themed photo booth, one can say the junior carnival was appealing, entertaining, and relaxing for peoples of all ages.

For photos, please click here.