September 27, 2017


SEPT. & OCT. 九月和十月
Sept. 29 & 30 ACSC/ TISSA Swim Tournament ACSC/ TISSA游泳比賽
Oct. 3 Schedule change; early dismissal (2:50pm) 時間表更動; 提早下課 (2:50pm)
Oct. 4 CC Cafe- Standardized Testing CC咖啡時間-標準化測試
Oct. 5 MS CSL (Christian Service Learning); half-day of school (12pm dismissal) 中學CSL(基督社區服務學習)l
Oct. 6-15 NO SCHOOL (Fall Break) 學校放假(秋假)
Oct. 18 7th Grade Culture Trip 七年級文化之旅


Dear Parents,
Last week, as part of our annual summit, Morrison’s team of administrators spent a few days on Green Island. While the boat ride was nauseatingly unpleasant, the stunning natural beauty absolutely made up for my sea sickness. In addition to scooter rides, snorkeling and fellowship, we also spent a good chunk of time discussing book studies and further refined our school improvement plan. We came away with a sense that we’re making progress with our focus on innovation, standards-based education, and mentoring. We’re confident that our list of strategies will help us improve our school.

I’d like to share a quote from one of our books with you. Sociologist Philip Rieff explains that “the main thing that helps a culture survive is the power of its institutions to bind and loose men in the conduct of their affairs with reasons which sink so deep into the self that they become commonly and implicitly understood” (Dreher, p. 42).

In other words, we believe we have a sustainable model of education at Morrison in that we provide teachers who have turned our core values into virtuous habit. These habits are deep within our bones, like second nature. Also at Morrison, we appreciate the partnership you bring to the school so that together we can “communicate ideals in ways that remain inwardly compelling” (Dreher, p. 42). This joint effort helps us educate from heart to hands.

We thank you for your trust.
Mr. Myburgh


我想從我們讀的其中一本書中分享一段引言,社會學家菲利普·里夫(Philip Rieff)說:「幫助一個文化傳承的主要因素是由於風俗制度的力量,來約束或放任人們的行為,此文化得以深植人心,因此使他們變得普遍流傳和絕對地理解。」(Dreher ,第42頁)
Mr. Myburgh敬上

ACSC/TISSA Swim Tournament ACSC/ TISSA游泳比賽
The ACSC/ TISSA Swim Tournament will start on Friday afternoon at 4pm and resume Saturday morning at 8am. There will be concessions available at lunchtime on Saturday. Come out and cheer on our MS & HS Mustang swimmers!
ACSC/ TISSA游泳比賽將在這情五下午四點舉行,星期六早上八點再比一次。星期六中午午餐時間有小吃攤供應午餐。快來為國中和高中瘋馬游泳參賽者加油打氣!

Our K2 students will have chapel in Commons this week and Mrs. Kelli Dingus will be speaking. Middle school chapel will be in the auditorium and Mr. Andy Wu will be speaking.
我們幼稚園~二年級這星期崇拜在Commons,由Mrs. Kelli Dingus分享信息。國中在禮堂,由Mr. Andy Wu分享信息。

HALF-DAY OF SCHOOL, OCT. 5 十月五日 學校半天
Students will have a half-day of school on October 5 and be dismissed at noon. No lunch will be served that day.
十月五日 學校半天學校上半天課,中午放學。當天不提供午餐。

CC Cafe CC咖啡時間
The next CC Cafe will be on Wednesday, October 4 from 8-9 am in the cafeteria. This month’s topic will be Standardized Testing, including the SAT, ACT, and AP tests. Please come enjoy some light snacks, coffee provided by Mr. Heebner, and fellowship with other parents. CC Cafe is hosted in Mandarin and open to parents from all grades.
下次的CC咖啡時間將在十月四號,星期三,從早上8-9點,地點在餐廳。 本月的主題將是標準化測試,包括SAT,ACT和AP測試。 請來享用小點心,還有由Mr. Heebner提供的咖啡以及和其他家長的交誼。 CC咖啡館以中文進行,開放給所有年級的家長。

Moon Festival from EMS Chinese Department 中文部中秋節文化活動
Dear Parents,
We are so excited that Moon Festival is coming soon. Are you all ready to celebrate this special holiday with family and friends?
Moon Festival is one of the biggest holidays in Chinese culture and our Chinese department will continue our tradition to celebrate this special holiday with all of our students. Since there are so many different types/flavors of mooncakes, we welcome any extra mooncakes donated from Morrison families. You can have your child bring them to their classroom or drop them off at the front office (labeled “EMS Chinese”).  This way, we all get to try different styles of moon cakes and celebrate the holiday on Oct. 2 and 3 together. The Chinese Department will purchase pomelos, the traditional Moon Festival fruit, for each student. We will enjoy the fruit and make some crafts with the fruit. Thank you for your support.






CELL MODEL PROJECTS (6th Grade Science)

EMS SWIMMING- Fun with the underwater camera

Elementary Bake Sale

SEE YOU AT THE POLE- A time to pray for our school

1st Grade 8th Grade Reading Buddies