September 19, 2018


September 19 Q1 Progress Reports 第一季成績近程報告
September 24 ½ Day (12:30pm-3:30pm) 學校半天 (12:30pm-3:30pm)
September 27 HS Fall Concert at 7pm 高中秋季音樂會
September 28, 29 Morrison Invitational Swim Meet 馬禮遜游泳邀請賽

Progress Reports
Progress Reports are available today. You will find information about the current year’s progress in MasteryConnect and PowerSchool. This afternoon you should have received a parent activation email for MasteryConnect. The activation email was sent to the address that you have on file in PowerSchool. This will allow you to access your child’s MasteryConnect parent portal. You will be able to see the standards that your child has been working on in class and their current level of mastery. Please remember, while some standards are learned and assessed just a few times, other standards measure progress throughout the school year. This is a change in the way we look at reporting student progress. It is much more than just a letter grade. For more information regarding the standards-based grading approach, please visit our Morrison Academy academic information page.

As in the past, you will be able to find your child’s progress reports in PowerSchool. Please check under ‘Teacher Comments’ to see if your child has a progress report.
If you have any trouble accessing the parent portal, please try this helpful tutorial created by our Educational Technology Coach, Mr. Andy Wu.


如果您在登入時遇到任何問題,請上我們的教育技術指導員Mr. Andy Wu所建立的使用指南,可為您排解相關問題。

Chapel for K5 students will be in the auditorium on Thursday at 8:10am and Mr. Dave Freeman will be speaking. Middle school chapel will be in the Commons at 8:30am and our EMS chaplain, Mr. Darryl Owens, will be speaking.
幼稚園到五年級的崇拜,在禮堂,時間是星期四早上8:10,Mr. Dave Freeman將會來分享信息. 中學的崇拜是在卡門,時間是在早上8:30,我們的中小學校牧Mr. Darryl Owens將會與大家分享信息。

HALF-DAY PM SCHEDULE: September 24 學校半天課 下午課程:九月二十四日Please note that we will be having a half-day on 9/24. Teachers will be engaged in a professional development day from 8am-noon. Classes for EMS students begin at 12:30pm, and students can arrive as early as 12pm. Dismissal time will still be 3:30pm. The K5 schedule can be found here, and the MS schedule is at this link. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Moon Festival Information from the EMS Chinese Department

Dear Parents,
We are so excited that Moon Festival is coming soon. Are you all ready to celebrate this special holiday with family and friends?

Moon Festival is one of the biggest holidays in Chinese culture, and the Chinese department will continue our tradition to celebrate this special holiday with all students. Since there are so many different types/flavors of mooncakes, we welcome any extra mooncakes donated from Morrison families. You can have your child bring them to their classroom or drop them off at the front office (labeled “EMS Chinese”).  This way, we all get to try different styles of moon cakes and celebrate the holiday on Sept. 19, 20, and 21 together. The Chinese Department will purchase pomelos, the traditional Moon Festival fruit, for each student. We will enjoy the fruit and make some crafts with the fruit. Thanks for your support.



MS Soccer Exchange

T.H.I.N.K. Week!

Community Swim Meet

Kindergarten & G7 Reading Buddies

MS & HS Swim team—6am practice