September 11, 2019


September 13 Online learning day (AM); no school for students in PM 線上學習日(早上),下午學生不上課
September 16-20 EMS THINK Week 中小學THINK週 
September 27 HS Fall Concert (7:30pm) 高中 秋季音樂會(晚上7:30)
September 28 Morrison MS Soccer Exchange 馬禮遜國中足球友誼賽

We are halfway through the 1st quarter already! Progress reports will be posted in PowerSchool on Friday, so please review your child’s Powerschool account that day to see if your child has a report. You may check under ‘Teacher Comments’ to view specific areas of concern or praise that your child’s teacher may have left. Please check in with the office if you have any questions!
我們第一季已經過了一半了!貴子弟的近程成績星期五在PowerSchool 發布,所以請上您孩子的PowerSchool 帳戶上查看您的孩子是否有評語。您可以在‘Teacher Comments’ 教師評語下查看老師提出特定需要關注的部分或特別的讚美。

Friday, September 13, will be our online learning day! All Morrison schools will practice our emergency preparedness by hosting an online learning half-day. In the event of a pandemic, major earthquake, or other national emergencies, we would like to be ready to continue our school’s educational programs remotely. Students do NOT come to school; they will be doing classwork from home.
九月十三日,星期五,將是我們的線上學習日!馬禮遜每個校區將在當日半天的時間練習應急準備。 如果發生重大流行疾病,大地震或其他國家緊急情況,我們希望能夠利用遠距教學繼續學校的課程。 當日學生不上學; 他們將在家裡做課堂作業。

PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) INTEREST FORM 家長諮詢員會意願單 
Do you have an interest in serving on our EMS Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)? If so, Mr. Finch would like to offer you an opportunity to fill out an interest form.
The purpose of our EMS PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) is to advise the Principal and to facilitate communication. Each year, the selection of PAC members is the responsibility of the Principal, and the list of members is reported to the Superintendent. The committee will meet a minimum of 4 times per year and should reflect the school’s racial, citizenship, and occupational mix. For more information about the function and makeup of the Morrison PAC committee, please see Procedure 403.
If you are interested in being considered to serve on the EMS PAC this school year, please fill out this form. You will be asked to share several areas where you would like to offer input and collaborate with the principal.
While Mr. Finch is looking to have one representative per grade level, the size of the group will be limited to no more than 10 parents. If you are not selected on this year’s PAC, please seek to give input through one of our PAC members.

您有興趣成為中小學家長委員EMS Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)嗎?如果您有意願,校長Mr. Finch歡迎您上網填寫意願單。
EMS PAC(家長諮詢委員會)的目的是向校長提供建議並促進溝通。 每年,PAC成員的選擇由校長負責,成員名單將呈報給總校長。 該委員會每年至少舉行4次會議,委員會的組成也需平衡種族,國籍和職業等元素。 有關Morrison PAC委員會職能和組成的更多信息,請參見Procedure 403. 。
如果您有興趣考慮參加EMS PAC,請填寫此表。 您將被提問希望在哪些方面提供建議以及和校長合作的幾個領域。
雖然Finch校長希望每個年級有一名代表,但委員的人數不得超過10名。 如果您今年未能加入PAC,請通過PAC成員提供意見。

The EMS T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp will be held September 16-20.  During ‘bootcamp,’ our students will participate in activities designed to help them THINK through their time on the internet. Each day will focus on a word that gives them the power to become positive digital citizens! Teachers will communicate with parents over the next few days about this important digital citizenship initiative.
中小學 T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp在9月16日至20日舉行。在“bootcamp”期間,學生將參加這個為他們設計的活動,旨在幫助他們在互聯網上的活動時間。 每一天,都會專注在一個標語上,讓他們有正向積極的能力來自我管理科技產品的運用! 教師將在接下來的幾天內與家長溝通,了解這一個重要的科技管理運用學習活動。

Chess is back for another year! This year, teacher Gary Hobbs, Taiwan’s highest certified chess coach, will be offering a class on Thursdays for all levels of players. Beginners are welcome, and can come and try the first class for free!  Class will start tomorrow, on September 12. Please sign up in the office before Tuesday, Sept. 10 if you would like to join the class. The cost is NT$300/ class and classes will be from 3:40-5:10 every Thursday.
西洋棋課今年又回來了!今年,Gary Hobbs老師,台灣國際西洋棋最高認證的教練,將在週四為所有級別的學員提供課程。歡迎初學者,第一堂免費試聽! 課程將於明天,9月12日開始。如果您想參加課程,請在9月10日星期二之前在辦公室報到。 費用為每堂300新台幣,課程時間為每週四下午3:00-4:30。

Moon Festival Celebrations in Chinese Class.

Community Swim Meet

MS Girls’ Soccer Practice

Miss Neff with the 4th Grade Class & Mrs. Sheppard’s Safety e-course (CPR training)