September 1, 2021



August 30- September 3- Yearbook Photos 年刊個人照
September 8- Progress Reports available 可查看期中學期報告
September 11- MS Soccer Exchange (TBD) 國中足球友誼交換賽


Would you like to honor your child on their birthday and help the library program as well? You can do this by donating NT$500 to the library and choosing a new library book as your child’s Birthday Book. The cost reflects the average price of new hardback books. A special name plate with your child’s photo, name, and current grade level will be placed in the front of that new library book to commemorate it as your child’s Birthday Book.  

Celebrate your child’s birthday by purchasing a book!

This year, we will put the book selection online at:

Starting Thursday, September 2 at 9:00am, you can access the Birthday Book Club website and select a Birthday Book Club book for your child. After you choose a book, the library will put a payment envelope in your child’s backpack to take home to you. Please pay within 1 week. The last day for Birthday Book selection will be Friday, September 10.

We will present the Birthday Book selection to your child and they will be the first to check out the new book. They will also receive a card and small gift from the library on their birthday or half-birthday (if their birthday is in the summer). Other students, for as long as the book remains in the library, will be able to see your child’s name and photo in the book after your child has read the book and returned it to the library.

If you would like to participate in this optional event, please choose a book from the website and fill out the form. If you have any questions, please let us know.

我們會呈現您所選的生日書給您的孩子並且他會是第一優先可以借閱此書,另外您的孩子在生日當天或是半歲生日當天(若您孩子的生日是在暑假) 也會收到圖書館準備的卡片以及小禮物。當您的孩子歸還他的生日書後,此本書將會繼續擺放在圖書館,並讓其他的孩子能看見您孩子的名字和照片在此書的封面上。


Middle School Parents: All sizes of PE uniforms are in stock. Parents who still need to purchase uniforms for their children may do so from the front office after school. Uniforms will be sold until September 10, 2021.


It’s time for yearbook photos! Please see the chart below to see which day your child will have his/her photo taken. 

The clinic will be doing their annual health screenings in conjunction with yearbook picture days. They will be taking students’ height and weight, depending on their scheduled picture day. EMS students in K, 2nd, 5th and 8th grades will also receive a routine vision screening in accordance with the vision screening policy. If you have any questions, please email

另外請注意,健康中心也將在拍照當天同時進行年度健康檢查,項目包括身高和體重。另外幼兒園, 二年級, 五年級和八年級的學生也會同時做常規視力檢測,若您有任何疑問,請電郵


Volunteers wanted!

Any parents planning to volunteer regularly throughout the school year must adhere to school requirements for volunteers. Please read through Procedure 535 if you will be volunteering more than 10 hours per year at school authorized events. 

In order to ensure child safety within the school community, all volunteers must complete the following tasks before they begin service: 

  1. Morrison’s Child Safety Training (on-line video)
  2. Background Check: Apply for a Police Criminal Record Certificate at personal expense or provide one from their own passport country. (The General Manager may assist in the process of applying for a certificate from Taiwan.)

Even if you have completed child safety training in the past, all current volunteers must complete the new training, which involves watching an online video and receiving a completion certificate. The certificate is good for 2 years. 

Code of conduct for child safety
Additional information can be found on Morrison Academy’s child protection webpage

若家長您有計畫固定在校內擔任義工,請務必遵守學校的義工規範。若是您預計在一年內會有超過10個小時參與校內的義工活動,請您務必參閱Procedure 535為了確保校園社區內的兒童安全規範,在開始參與活動前,請所有的義工家長必須完成以下的規範:
1. 馬禮遜兒童安全訓練 (線上影片)
2. 背景檢查:請向地方警察局申請良民證或是從您的護照國申請。(若有需要,學校的總務主任能協助在台灣的申請流程)即使在過去您已經完成了兒童安全規範的訓練,所有現任的義工們都需要再次完成最新的訓練,包括觀看線上影片以及申請良民證。良民證的有效期為兩年。


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