November 28, 2018


November 28 Progress Reports go home 近程學業成績寄發
November 30 2nd Annual Cocoa Classic Community Fun Run at 7pm 第二屆聖誕募款趣趣味競賽跑
December 3-7 EMS Hour of Code 中小學一小時玩程式
December 7 MS Play Auditions 國中戲劇試鏡
December 8 MS TISSA Softball Tournament 國中 TISSA 壘球比賽
December 14 MS Christmas Concert (7:30pm) 國中聖誕節音樂會 (晚上7:30)

Want to spread some Christmas cheer and raise some funds for the Christmas Project this year?  Everyone is invited to the Cocoa Classic Community Fun Run on Friday, November 30th at 7:00 p.m. at the track.  Donations will be collected. All proceeds will go towards the Christmas project. Mark your calendars…..this is a festive event under the lights that you won’t want to miss.
您今年想要為聖誕節項目散播一些聖誕歡呼以及同時為聖誕節專案籌集一些資金嗎? 我們要請每個人參加11月30日星期五下午7點的Cocoa Classic聖誕募款趣味賽跑,地點在學校操場。我們將收集捐款。 所有收益都將用於聖誕節專案。 請標註在您的行事曆上… ..這是一個在星光舉行的一個特別項目,你不會想錯過的。

Parents who wish to ride on the school-rented bus to Kaohsiung for the MS Softball Tournament on Saturday, December 8, are requested to sign-up at the EMS Office. Please be advised that there is limited seating. These will be handed out on a first come first served basis.

This is the last week to enter the library’s November “Book in a Jar” contest! Be sure to head over to the library by Friday and make your guess! 3 winners will be drawn from the correct guesses and will receive coupons for the student store. The library will have this contest a few more times during the year and all those with correct guesses will be entered in a super prize drawing to be held at the end of the school year so be sure to enter! This is open to all students, teachers, and parents.
這是最後一週您可以參加“瓶中書”的猜輸比賽!請務必記得在這星期五前來猜猜!將從正確的猜測中抽取3名獲獎者,並將獲得學生商店的優惠券。 圖書館將在這一年中多次舉辦這次比賽,所有正確猜測的人都將直接一期末抽大獎活動,所以一定要參加! 這活動是開放給所有學生,老師和家長。

The Hour of Code is coming! 一小時玩程式來臨了!We live in a world surrounded by technology. And we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly depend on understanding how technology works.
我們生活在一個被技術包圍的世界。 我們知道,無論我們的學生選擇成為什麼樣的成年人,他們的成功能力將越來越依賴於理解與如何運用技術。
That’s why we are joining in on the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (December 3-7). More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code.
這就是為什麼我們要參加歷史上最大的學習活動:一小時玩程式,在電腦科學教育週(12月3日至7日) 中全球有超過1億的學生已經嘗試了一小時玩程式活動課程
Students will have the opportunity to get started in the classrooms, and they can continue to learn at home. The programs are available all year, so students can manage their daily screen time and still finish all the materials.
學生將在教室開起活動,他們可以繼續在家裡學習。 這些課程全年開放,學生可以管理他們的日常屏幕時間,並仍然完成所有的題材。
You can watch this introductory video to learn more, or visit
您可以觀看這introductory video影片來學習多,或是造訪

Calling all shoppers and vendors! EMS PAC would like to invite you to attend the 3rd Annual Christmas Bazaar, which  will be held on Saturday, December 15th from 9am-1pm.  This will be a wonderful time to buy new and handcrafted items, and we will also have quite a few food vendors on hand, so be sure to come hungry! If you would like to purchase a table as a vendor, the cost is NT$1000 and 100% of table proceeds will go towards the Christmas Project. Please fill out this form if you are interested in purchasing a table. You can find more information on our Christmas Bazaar Facebook page.
呼叫所有購物者和供應商!中小學家長會在此敬邀您參加第三屆聖誕節市集,活動將在十二月十五號,星期六,從早上九點~下午一點。這將是購買新產品和手工製品的絕佳時機,我們屆時也會有不少新的食物攤位,所以壹定要餓著肚子來! 如果您想以供應商的身份購買一張桌子,費用為1000新台幣,100%的桌面收益將用於聖誕節項目。 如果您有興趣購買桌子,請填寫此表格。 您可以在我們的Christmas Bazaar Facebook臉書上找到更多信息。

CC Cafe: The next CC Cafe will be on Wednesday, December 5 from 8-9 am in the cafeteria. This month’s topic will cover all of the changes in grading that the school is implementing including Mastery Connect and Standards-Based Grading. We will also have a brief video about this year’s Christmas Project. Please come on out and enjoy some light snacks, coffee, and the Christmas season with other parents. CC Cafe is hosted in Mandarin and is open to parents from all grades.
CC咖啡時間:下次的CC咖非時間將在12月5號,早上8-9點舉行,地點在餐廳。這個月的主題將會涵蓋學校正在實施的評分的所有變化,包括Mastery Connect和Standards-Based Grading 的評分。 我們還將有一個關於今年聖誕節項目的簡短影片。 歡迎在這聖誕佳節一起來享用點心,咖啡和與其他家長的交流。 CC Cafe以中文進行,活動是開放給所有年級的家長。

Caves Book Fair  敦煌書局書展 
The library is excited to announce an upcoming BOOK FAIR in partnership with CAVES BOOKS FLAGSHIP STORE IN TAICHUNG! From December 12 to 14, Caves will set up a book fair in the elementary side of the library. On December 15, Caves will move the book fair to the covered play area and join the Christmas Bazaar. Caves will bring large quantities of English books for all ages, Chinese books, test prep books, stationery and school supplies and make them available to our community at 20% off the regular prices. It is also a great way to support the library as Caves will donate 5% of the sales to the library which we can use to buy even more books and materials for our students. Caves recently became a distributor for Scholastic so you know they will have many great books that our students will love! Watch for more details in a future EMS Express and from your child’s teacher.
圖書館很高興地在此宣布將與敦煌書局旗艦店合作,即將在台中舉辦書展!從12月12日到14日,敦煌書局將在圖書館的小學一側設立書展。 12月15日,敦煌書局將把書展搬到遊樂區,加入聖誕集市。敦煌書局將為所有年齡層的人提供大量英文書籍,中文書籍,考試準備書籍,文具和學校用品,並以正常價格20%的價格提供給我們的社區。這也是支持圖書館的好方法,因為Caves會將5%的銷售額捐贈給圖書館,我們可以用它來為學生購買更多書籍和材料。敦煌書局最近成為Scholastic的經銷商,所以你知道他們會有許多我們的學生會喜歡的好書!更多訊息將會公佈在在EMS Express以及您孩子的老師都會公布相關信息。

One of the most exciting parts of the Christmas Project is the annual “Principal’s Challenge,” where classes come up with crazy and fun challenges for Mr. Finch. He will complete the challenge of the class that raises the most money! So what are the challenges this year? See the chart below and be sure to donate to the class of your choice.
每年聖誕節專案最讓人興奮的事之一就是我們的“校長的挑戰”,每一個班級都會想出一件既瘋狂又有趣的挑戰給Mr. Finch校長。校長將接受募款到最多的班級的挑戰!來看看今年有哪些挑戰的項目?請看以下的表格,也確認您要捐贈的班級。

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