November 18, 2020


November 20 EMS Progress Reports available 期中學習進度報告
November 23 K-2 Thanksgiving Lunch 幼兒園到二年級感恩節午餐
November 24 G3-5 Thanksgiving Lunch 三年級到五年級感恩節午餐
November 25 Half-day for students (11:30am dismissal for EMS) 學生上半天 (國中國小學生11:30放學)
November 26, 27 Thanksgiving Break 感恩節假期

As a Christ-following, caring community, it is a privilege to give generously to those in need and impact the world around us. This year our school theme is ‘Cultivate’. As God is cultivating in us the love, hope and joy that comes from knowing Jesus, we want to share this with others. Cultivation takes time, so instead of just doing 1 project, we’d like to begin a 2-year partnership with Taiwan Sunshine. Taiwan Sunshine is a non-profit organization that exists to support and encourage families that have children with special needs in Taiwan. Over the years, Morrison Academy has worked with Taiwan Sunshine through the Hero Games, Christmas projects and service trips, and we’d like to partner more.
Throughout the year, there will be multiple opportunities for you to get involved and learn more about this wonderful organization.
作為一個跟隨基督,有愛心的社區,我們很榮幸有機會慷慨解囊,幫助那些需要幫助的人,並影響我們周圍的環境。 今年我們學校的主題是“培養”。 當神在我們裡面培養我們,讓我們認識從耶穌而來的愛,希望和喜樂的同時,我們也想與他人分享。 耕種需要時間,所以我們不只是做一個項目,而是希望與台北恩美協會開始為期兩年的合作。 台北恩美協會是一個非營利組織,該組織的成立是為了支持和鼓勵台灣特殊需要孩子的家庭。 多年來,馬禮遜學校一直透過“我是小英雄”運動會,聖誕節募款和社區服務與《台北恩美協會》合作,並且我們希望與更多夥伴合作。在這一整年當中,您將有很多機會參與其中並了解有關這個優秀的組織的更多訊息。

This week, Uwe Maurer is on campus sharing in chapels about Project 139. Your child learned that we are all special and wonderfully made by God.  They were encouraged to open their eyes and see the people who have been touched by a disability in their community and say “Hi”.
本週,Uwe Maurer 來到我們當中與孩子們分享有關139工程。您的孩子得知我們都是由上帝創造的,非常奇妙。 他鼓勵他們打開眼睛,看到社區中被身心缺陷的人所感動的人,並跟他們打聲招呼。

In December, our HS Bible classes will host Christmas parties at BeiXin Junior High and DaPeng Elementary school. Through the Christmas story, a craft, and a Christmas cookie, we hope to bless and build a relationship with these students. Taiwan Sunshine will also have a booth at the Christmas Bazaar. You will have the opportunity to learn more about their ministry and make a donation directly to them on this day. Just like other years, we encourage parents and students to consider donating your proceeds to Taiwan Sunshine. We can make a difference when we all work together.
今年12月,我們的高中部聖經課班級將在北新國中和大鵬小學舉行聖誕活動。 我們希望通過耶穌降生的故事,手工藝品和聖誕節小餅乾來祝福並與這些學生建立聯結。 台北恩美協會還將在聖誕節集市上設置一個攤位。 您將有機會進一步了解他們的事工,並在這一天直接向他們捐款。 與過去幾年一樣,我們鼓勵父母和學生考慮將您的收益捐贈給台北恩美協會。 當我們一起工作時,就可以有所作為。

Looking ahead, in January, we will be hosting a Fun Run/Walk for LIFE on Friday, January 22 and in March, we will be hosting a Hero Games on our campus. Our ultimate goal through our partnership with Taiwan Sunshine is to build relationships with students and families in the nearby schools, so that we can share the light and bring Hope and Joy to families. If you’d like to learn more about Taiwan Sunshine, stop by the office and pick up more information.
展望未來,我們將在1月22日(星期五)主辦 “為生命而跑/走” 的趣味競走/慢跑; 3月,我們將在校園內舉辦我是小英雄運動會。 透過與台北恩美協會的合作,我們的最終目標是與附近學校的學生和家庭建立關係,好讓我們能分享陽光,並為家庭帶來希望和歡樂。 如果您想了解有關台北恩美協會的更多相關訊息,請到辦公室索取相關簡介。

We are halfway through the second quarter! It is progress report time again, please review your child’s Powerschool account and partner with teachers to make this a successful quarter for your child. Check under ‘Teacher Comments’ to view specific areas of concern or praise that your child’s teacher may have left. If you need help logging into your parent account for PowerSchool or Mastery Connect, please email Rebekah Owens (
很快的第二季已經過了一半了!又到了季中學習進度報告的時間,您可以查看在PowerSchool上孩子的學習進度狀況 ,若您有任何疑慮請您聯繫老師,我們期望與您一起協助孩子度過美好的第二季。您可至“Teacher Comments” (教師評語)的地方查看您孩子在特定科目上老師給的評語或是讚賞。若您對於登入進PowerSchool或Mastery Connect的系統有疑問的話,請麻煩電郵Rebekah Owens.

Would you like a free lunch? If so, we need you! The cafeteria is looking for a volunteer each week from 10:45-12:00 to help the elementary students at lunch. We need someone to help on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. Please email Crista Blackhurst at if you are interested.
您期待享有免費的午餐嗎?我們需要您!餐廳目前正在徵召家長義工為小學部的學生們打菜,每週一次從10點45分到12點。我們需要的時段是週一,週三和週五。如果您有興趣加入家長義工行列的話,麻煩您電郵Crista Blackhurst 聯絡相關事宜。

The library is excited to announce an upcoming BOOK FAIR in partnership with CAVES BOOKS! From December 7-11, Caves will set up a book fair in the elementary side of the library. On December 12, Caves will move the book fair to the cafeteria and join the Christmas Bazaar. Caves will bring large quantities of English books for all ages, Chinese books, test prep books, stationery and school supplies and make them available to our community at 20% off the regular prices. It is also a great way to support the library, as Caves will donate 5% of the sales to the library which we can use to buy even more books and materials for our students. Caves is a distributor for Scholastic, so you know they will have many great books that our students will love!

December’s CC Cafe has been moved to November! In an effort to share with parents about our Giving Project this year, December’s CC Cafe is being moved to Thursday, November 19 from 9-10 am in the cafeteria. Our partnership this year is with Taiwan Sunshine, a non-profit working with Taiwan’s special needs community. You may be more familiar with the many I Am Hero Games that they organize. In addition to sharing about Taiwan Sunshine, Uwe will talk about Being Thankful for our kids. Please come on out during this Thanksgiving/Christmas season to show appreciation for our children! Light snacks and coffee will be served by the M Cafe. CC Cafe is hosted in Mandarin (no English session this time) and is open to parents from all grades. Thank you for your support and hope to see you there!
12月份的CC咖啡時間改到11月進行!為了與家長們一同分享我們今年的捐贈計畫,12月份的CC咖啡時間改成週四11/19號上午9點到10點在餐廳舉行。我們今年合作的對象是Taiwan Sunshin, 這是一個為有特殊需要孩子族群服務的非營利組織,你可能有聽過他們曾經舉辦過的I Am Hero Games。關於Taiwan Sunshine這個組織,負責人Uwe會在當天更進一步來與我們分享關於感恩的這個話題。我們歡迎您一起在這個感恩聖誕佳節裡,一同來參與。現場會由學校的M Cafe提供小點心和咖啡,CC咖啡時間將用中文舉行(這次沒有英文場),歡迎所有年級的家長們一起來共襄盛舉,謝謝您的支持和鼓勵,我們期待能見到您。

Assembling the new nativity set in the atrium. 

K5 and MS chapels. 

Junior Carnival fun!

Reading Buddies.

Mrs. Lawler’s Handlettering e-course.