May 9, 2018


MAY 五月
May 12 TISSA MS Basketball Tournament  TISSA中學籃球賽
May 15 MS Spring Concert (7:30pm) 中學春季音樂會 (晚上7:30)
May 16 8th Grade Poetry Coffeehouse (9-11am) 八年級吟詩咖啡館(9-11am)
May 19 World Vision Global 6km race 全球為水而跑6公里
May 28 MS CSL; 3rd-5th grade Talent Show 國中市區服務; 三~五年才藝表演
May 30 8th Grade Recognition 八年級畢業典禮
May 31 MS Water Park Trip 國中水世界戶外教學
June 1 Last Day of School; ½ day 學校最後一天; 當天半天課

Dear Parents,
Last week I began a series of posts reminiscing about my time here at Morrison. As a follow-up this week, I’ll share a brief summary of the thank you speech I delivered at the Board’s Staff Appreciation dinner last Friday evening. I used the acronym XIE XIE to convey my thoughts.

X stands for x-axis and resembles the time we spent in Taiwan (2003-2018). Never have we experienced such good hosts as the people of this beautiful island. My family and I are the beneficiaries of your kindness and generous hospitality. We’re so thankful. Also, never has an institution invested in us like Morrison. I think of people like Mr. Jeff Sheppard (former Director of Professional Learning) who made school funding available to sponsor my Master’s degree, Mr. Tim McGill (Superintendent) who sent me off to the Principal Training Center in London and the Board of Trustees who approved my appointment as Principal. It’s been such a privilege to work here. I pray God will use all I learned over the last 15 years to continue to build his kingdom during the second half of my career.     

PAC ‘farewell lunch’ for the Myburghs

I is for inspire. Prior to joining Morrison I felt overwhelmed by the idea of serving in an American school setting. In my despair one day I decided to pray to the Lord for his perspective and suddenly the word torpid popped into my mind! Is there even an English word like torpid, I asked myself? I looked it up and there it was … “lacking in energy or vigor, apathetic”. I was stunned! It exactly described my lack of confidence. Upon closing the dictionary, there displayed in bright red letters on the back, was the word inspire! The message was clear. My weakness and excuses were His opportunity. And over the next few days, just to drive the point home, whenever and wherever I stopped at traffic lights it happened to be behind a Honda Inspire! Needless to say, I came to Morrison with buoyant faith and served the Lord wholeheartedly, but if I’m really honest, I’m the one who goes away inspired.

E represents the end. My family and I are persuaded that He’s leading us on. This decision was mostly made during the summer of 2017, but we’ve been praying about this for the last two to three years. Once we reached a point of certainty, we petitioned the Lord to quickly announce the next phase of our lives. God in His wisdom decided to not answer this request. At least not yet. For now we’ll be returning to SA not knowing what He has in store for us. We appreciate your prayers. Know that we are grieving and that we’ll be missing this wonderful community. My family and I flourished here. Thank you for having us.

Mr. Myburgh

上星期我開始了一系列關於我在馬禮遜時的回憶,接續上週,容我分享上週五晚在董事會員工感恩晚宴上所發表的感謝演講摘要,我用縮寫XIE XIE(謝謝)來表達我的想法。

X代表X軸 (x-axis)。代表著我們在台灣度過的時間(2003-2018)。我們從來沒有接觸過像這個美麗島嶼的人們那樣好的主人,我和我的家人是您和善與殷勤款待的受益者,我們非常感激。而且,從來沒有一間學校像馬禮遜如此地栽培我們,我想到的人有Mr. Jeff Sheppard(前任專業學習主任),他使學校在我進修碩士學位上資助我、Mr. Tim McGill(總校長),他把我送到在倫敦的校長培訓中心接受訓練、以及董事會同意我擔任校長,在這裡工作是個如此的殊榮啊!我禱告上帝希望能應用我在過去十五年中學到的知識,繼續在我職業生涯的後半期為神的國建造。

代表啟發 (inspire)。加入馬禮遜之前,在一個美國學校環境服事的想法讓我感到不知所措。有一天,我絕望地決定向神禱告希望從祂的眼光來看這件事情,突然間,我的腦海裡突然湧現出一個字「torpid」!英文有這個字嗎,我問自己?我查了這個字的意思…..「缺乏活力,精神萎靡。」我嚇傻了!它恰恰說明了我缺乏自信,然後當我闔上字典,字典的書背寫了個紅色的字「啟發」(inspire) 。這個訊息很明確,我的軟弱和很多的理由是祂使用的機會,在接下來的幾天裡,無論何時何地當我要開車回家時,每在紅燈停下,我總是停在本田Inspire汽車的後方!不言而喻,我來到馬禮遜是充滿著信心且想要全心全意的服事上帝,但要我誠實講,屆時要離開此地,我才是被蒙受到啟發的那個人。

代表結束 (end)。我和我的家人都相信神會繼續帶領著我們前面的道路,這大約是在2017年夏天所做的決定,但我們在過去的二到三年裡一直在為此禱告,一旦我們達到了確定的階段,我們求神快速地告訴我們生命的下一個旅程會如何。當然,上帝有祂的方式和智慧決定不回應這個請求,至少還沒,我們將會回到南非,雖然不知道神會為我們預備什麼,我們非常感謝您的代禱,確定的是我們會很難過,我們會想念這個美好的社區,我們全家在這裡很滿足,謝謝您讓我們參與這一切。
Mr. Myburgh 敬上

Thursday is a K8 chapel starting at 8:10am, the senior class, along with Mr. Hsu, will be sharing with our students. Parents are always welcome to join the chapel services!
星期四是幼稚園~八年級的崇拜,早上8:10開始,高中畢業班,還有Mr. Hsu會與學生分享信息。歡迎所有的家長加入我們的崇拜。

The next two weeks are focused on MAP testing (Measures of Academic Progress) for our G1-8 students. As you may remember, our students took the MAP as a pre-test in August, and this week they are taking it again as a post-test.
We’d like our encourage you not to put undue pressure on your child(ren), but to instead encourage them to try their best. All they need is rest, enough water intake, and a healthy diet. Our teachers will share the MAP reports with the report cards at the end of Q4.
接下來的兩週專注於我們的G1-8學生的MAP測試(Measures of Academic Progress 學業進步測量)。您可能還記得,我們​​的學生在八月份有MAP作為預測試,而本週他們又將其作為後期考試。

Lost and found items will be placed on tables outside the cafe on Thursday and Friday afternoons this week. Please check the tables to see if your child(ren) have items that belong to them. All items not picked up will be donated to the Clothes Closet on Friday afternoon.
失物招領物品將於本週四和周五下午放在咖啡館外的桌子上。 請查看是否有屬於您孩子(們)的物品。 所有未領取的物品將於週五下午捐贈給學校的衣櫥櫃。

Summer is just around the corner and the Morrison Aquatic Center is preparing for another great swim season. Once again, our instructors will be offering swimming lessons for those interested. Two one-week sessions will be offered. Please check this doc for more information about how to sign up for swimming lessons.
夏天即將到來,馬禮遜水運動中心正在為另一個很棒的的游泳季節做準備。 我們的教練將再次為有興趣的人士提供游泳課程。 將提供兩堂為期一周的游泳課程。 更多有關如何報名游泳課程的詳細信息,請查看此文件檔。

Back in 5th grade (Nov. 2016), two of our current 6th grade students, Samantha Shih and Michaela Chen accepted 5th grade teacher Annie Lima’s invitation to participate in NaNoWriMo. That experience sparked a tremendous journey and after almost 16 months of perseverance and lots of guidance from Mrs. Lima, they wrote, illustrated and finally self-published on Amazon. All proceeds of books sold this month will go towards Gloria Hsu’s Pregnancy Support Center organization here in Taichung. Gloria said that their reaching out to her came at a time when PSC was running very low on funds..the lowest they’ve ever been. The girls said they didn’t know why they chose PSC, but Gloria was able to explain God’s mysterious workings by sharing just how much prayer had gone up to the Lord on behalf of PSC at that time. If you would like to purchase a book from Amazon, here is the link.
回到五年級(2016年11月),我們兩位現在是六年級的學生Samantha Shih和Michaela Chen接受了5年級的老師Annie Lima邀請加入NaNoWriMo。 這段經歷引發了一次巨大的旅程,經過近16個月的堅持不懈和來自Mrs. Lima大量指導,他們寫下了自己的文章並且畫插畫,並最終發表在亞馬遜發表。 本月出售的所有書籍收益將捐贈給Gloria Hsu的台中未婚媽媽之家支持中心組織。 Gloria 說,他們接觸到她的時候,PSC的資金非常少,是他們有史以來收入最少的時候。 女孩們說,他們不知道他們為什麼選擇PSC,但是Gloria 透過分享說,上帝總是藉由許多不可思議的,超過人的想像的,藉由他們許多的禱告成就他們的事工。 如果你想從亞馬遜購買這本書,這裡是鏈接

We would like to give you an opportunity to share your input with us through an anonymous End-of-Year Survey.
Our institution cares about the effectiveness of our staff, educators and school leaders. We welcome perception data, especially when it is wrapped in kindness and love. The K8 End-of-Year survey will be available until Friday, May 11th.
Here is the link:
Thank you for your valuable feedback which will help make our school a better place!我們希望您利用這個不記名的學期末問卷調查的機會,給我們一些寶貴的意見。本星期各位將有機會與我們分享並給予一些回饋,本校對於我們職員、老師及學校領導人的效率非常關切,尤其是在善意與愛心的前提下我們非常歡迎各方觀點的評論。幼稚園至八年級的期末問卷將在

Global 6K for Water 全球為水而跑6k
We are pleased to announce that we now have 122 people registered to run/walk together on May 19th to raise money for this worthy cause. The total amount donated comes to US$5,065, which is more than twice the amount of our original goal! You can still register for the event and/or donate money until the day of the race (though you may not receive your T-shirt, medal, and race bib until later). We are looking for volunteers who would like to help make this event fun, safe, and easy to follow. Any high school students, parents, or staff are invited to sign up to serve our community and benefit this meaningful cause. You can sign up or see ideas for possible ways to help out at this link:
我們在這裡很開心地宣佈,目前已有122人報名參加五月十九日的路跑/走路,為這項有價值的事業籌集資金。 捐款總額達到5,065美元,這比我們原始目標的兩倍多! 您仍然可以報名參加比賽和/或捐錢直到比賽當天(儘管你可能會晚些才會收到你的T卹,獎章和比賽圍嘴)。 我們正在尋找志願者,希望他們幫助這個活動充滿樂趣,安全且易於遵循。 任何高中學生,家長或教職員都會被邀請報名為我們的社區服務,並從中受益。 您可以註冊或查看有關可能的方式來幫助,請按此連結:

On Tuesday night, May 15 at 7:30pm, the MS Orchestra, Choir and Band will be performing their Spring Concert. The MS Music teachers will share more information with students about what time they should arrive and what to wear. We hope all of you will plan to attend this concert and continue to support our middle school music program! 

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of our our Elementary/K2 students who confidently & wonderfully put on a fabulous concert last week! Students worked extremely hard, and all of them really enjoyed performing in front of a big audience. Thanks to our parents, grandparents, and friends who have shown such incredible support over the years. It is overwhelming to hear so many descriptions like “excellent,” “extraordinary,” “wonderful,” “spectacular”, and “fantastic.” Students, I am so very proud of all of you! I am grateful for my 23 good years in Morrison, and the chance to work with so many wonderful students.

There are no words that can express my gratitude my huge thanks to all of the Amazing MOM VOLUNTEERS and staff involved in putting the show together, including Mr. Wagner for Stink Bug, Ada  Lin, Jean Tseng, Aimee Hu, Alice Hu, Anlly Yuan, Lydia Chen, Tania Lu
, Cecily Lin, Grace Kim, Jean Lai, Ines Lin, Jackie Lin, Sammi Chang, Tina Chen, Vivi Yu, Wendy Keng, Roselyn Chen, Meiling Su, Joy Chu & Julia Chu. for Amazing Stage Decorations & Props. Elain Hsieh (Props & Costume coordinator). Mr. Robert Huang & Mr. Floyd Lima for Sound & Lighting. Musicians: Tiffany Lee- Vibraphone, Charlotte Huang & Jacqueline Huang- Violin, Nancy Wen- Flute & our wonderful Walt dancers: Mr. Darren Chen & Ms. Cecily Lin, Mr. Seppie Myburgh & Mrs. Quirine Myburgh, Mr. Scott Pagel & Mrs. Angie Pagel, Mr. Matt Sawatzky & Mrs. Rachel Sawatzky.
Thank you,
Mrs. YoYo Ruan 

our amazing MOM volunteers!

祝賀所有我們小學部 /K2 學生一場充滿信心, 完美奇妙的精彩音樂會!學生們盡全力地練習,每一個孩子都非常享受在觀眾面前表演。感謝我們的父母,祖父母和朋友,你們在上週四春季音樂會以及過去的這些年對我們音樂會展現出了全然的支持。不停地聽到這麼多鼓勵的話語:“優秀”,“非凡”,“精彩”,“壯觀”,“神奇……”,學生們,我非常為你們感到驕傲!我非常感恩在馬禮遜23年的美好時光,教導與陪伴無數優秀的學生成長。

沒有任何語言可以表達我的感激之情,再一次感謝所有參與的媽媽志工們和學校同工,包括: 臭蟲先生 Mr. Wagner. Ada  Lin, 美麗媽媽志工團不可思議的舞台佈置和道具: Jean Tseng, Aimee Hu, Alice Hu, Anlly Yuan, Lydia Chen, Tania Lu, Cecily Lin, Grace Kim, Jean Lai, Ines Lin, Jackie Lin, Sammi Chang, Tina Chen, Vivi Yu, Wendy Keng, Roselyn Chen, Meiling Su, Joy Chu & Julia Chu. for Stage Decorations, Props. Elain Hsieh (道具` 服裝總招). 燈光音響:Mr. Robert Huang & Mr. Floyd Lima.  Tiffany Lee- Vibraphone, Charlotte Huang & Jacqueline Huang- 小提琴, Nancy Wen- 長笛還有我們美麗的 our wonderful Walt dancers: Mr. Darren Chen & Ms. Cecily Lin, Mr. Seppie Myburgh & Mrs. Quirine Myburgh, Mr. Scott Pagel & Mrs. Angie Pagel, Mr. Matt Sawatzky & Mrs. Rachel Sawatzky


K5 Spring Concert

Student Book Launch

Kindergarten Field Trip

Global Day of Design in 1st Grade