May 8, 2019


May 9 Elementary Spring Concert at 7 pm 小學春季音樂會
May 10 Mother’s Day Brunch (8:05am, Commons) 母親節早午餐會(早上8:05, Commons)
May 11 MS TISSA Basketball tournaments 國中 TISSA 籃球比賽
May 14 MS Concert (7:00pm) 中學音樂會(晚上 7:00)
May 16 G8 Poetry Coffeehouse (1:30pm) 八年級 吟詩創作 咖啡坊 (下午1:30)
May 17 EMS Family BBQ (11am-2pm) 中小學家庭烤肉日 (早上11點-下午2點)
May 24 HS Variety Show 高中才藝表演

Our K8 chapel this week will be held in the auditorium and the senior class will be doing the chapel for our EMS students.

We would like to give you an opportunity to share your input with us through an anonymous End-of-Year Survey.
Our institution cares about the effectiveness of our staff, educators and school leaders. We welcome perception data, especially when it is wrapped in kindness and love. The K8 End-of-Year survey will be available until Friday, May 17th.
You will receive an email later today with a link to the end-of-year survey.

EMS FAMILY BBQ- MAY 18 中小學家庭烤肉日- 五月十八號
All EMS families are invited to this year’s EMS Family BBQ on Saturday, May 18 from 11am-2pm. Come enjoy a delicious meal and fun activities for the whole family, hosted by your EMS PAC. The pool will be open, as well as the climbing wall.
If you would like to attend the BBQ this year, please RESERVE your tickets on this form, and then pay our cashier, Ms. Wu by May 10. If you don’t pay by May 10, then you won’t be able to attend.

Ticket prices:
NT$300/ adult (HS and up)
NT$200/child (K8 and under)
FAMILY PRICE (2 adults + children)- $800
Children under 2- FREE
*Please note that the FAMILY PRICE is for immediate family only—grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins are not included in that price. Ticket priority goes to MAC EMS families, so please don’t invite outside guests.
Each ticket includes a wonderful lunch, family activities, and designated pool time.
敬邀所有中小學的家庭參加今年的中小學烤肉日,日期在五月十八號,早上11點到下午兩點。請全家一起享受來參加由中小學家長會舉辦的美味的餐點和有趣的活動。 游泳池當天會開放,攀岩也會開放。
如果您想今年參加烤肉,請填寫此表格以保留您的門票,然後在5月10日之前向我們的收銀員吳女士付款。如果您未在5月10日之前付款,那麼您將無法 出席。
家庭價格(2名成人+兒童) –  NT$800
2-歲以下兒童- 免費
*請注意,家庭價格僅適用於直系親屬 – 祖父母,阿姨,叔叔或表兄弟不包含在該價格中。 門票優先權適用於馬禮遜中小學家庭,所以請不要邀請外面的客人。

WORLD VISION GLOBAL 6K FOR WATER- MAY 18 五月十八日 全球為水而跑 6 公里路跑活動
Registration for this year’s World Vision Global 6K for water is open until April 18! Help us reach our goal of raising $3500 US and providing water to more than 70 families in Africa by walking or running with us on Saturday, May 18. Learn more and sign up now by visiting
今年的世界展望會6公里路跑活動報名登記日期到四月十八日截止喔!請踴躍參與五月十八日的快走或跑步活動,和我們一起達成美金3,500元的募款目標,募得的款項將可以幫助提供乾淨的水給超過70個在非洲的家庭。更多相關資訊請上 查詢。

I Am a Hero Games

MS Pep Rally

G2 Field Trip to 7-Eleven for Math Class

Growing green beans in Discovery 1 class with Zhang Laoshi.

MS Basketball Teams—all teams will compete in the TISSA tournament on Saturday!

Miss Neff’s last G3-5 chapel.