May 30, 2018


MAY 五月
May 30 8th Grade Recognition (3:30pm) 八年級畢業典禮
May 31 MS Water Park Trip 國中水世界戶外教學
June 1 Last Day of School; Report Cards go home; 10:30am dismissal  學校最後一天;成績單發回,學校 當天半天課,早上10:30下課

Dear Parents,
During last week’s chapel I shared a final message with our EMS student body, faculty, staff and parents based on a quote from C.S. Lewis: “The head rules the belly through the chest.” I explained to the students that the head represents our intellect or thinking, the chest (heart) is the seat of our emotions and affections, and the belly contains our wants and appetites. I then identified some key role players (parents, teachers, and administrators) who see the value of affective formation in education. I think we all agree that it is our desire to carve out a greater heart capacity in each of our children to love, respect and cultivate virtue. I believe this is why parents choose Morrison Academy as an educational partner and I know this is why many of our teachers come from all corners of the world to teach here.

From the quote it is clear that the belly needs to be ruled. Our students’ appetites, desires and wants can at times interfere with their learning. According to Plato, “the little animal at first will not have the right responses”. The head is not a sufficient resource to subdue the belly’s brute force or instinct all by itself. The mind is at best a kickstarter and its fuel is in short supply. Parents and teachers must therefore deliberately shape, form or train their children or students to the point of habit formation. Only then will the heart become an ally for the mind and will our students begin to like what God likes. This is the purpose of Christian education.  

At the end of chapel, Mr. Myburgh gave each K8 girl a rose and a magnet to remind them that they are special and created in God’s image.

Parents, as Morrison continues down the standards-based education path where we separate academic product and process grades, I trust you will continue to see the importance of character. It leads to destiny – always! May the Lord continue to use the Morrison community to help families to flourish. I trust you’ll celebrate your child’s academic progress this quarter and hope you will take a second look at the report card process grades.

It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege serving you all these years. I’d like to leave you with this final benediction.      

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)
Mr. Myburgh


Each boy received a smooth stone with the words “Seek Honor” on it to remind them to pursue a life of integrity and honor.


家長們,正當馬禮遜繼續沿著標準本位教育的路上行,也就是將學術學習成果和過程成績分別開來,我相信您會繼續看到品格的重要性,它會導向美好的未來 – 一直都會!願神繼續使用馬禮遜社區來幫助家庭蓬勃發展,我相信您會在本季慶祝你孩子的學業進步,並希望您也能再次看看成績單的過程成績。

Mr. Myburgh敬上

There is no chapel on Thursday this week, but we will have a final praise and worship time at 10am on Friday with the K8 students. Students will be dismissed to go home after the chapel service ends, around 10:30am.

CALENDAR FOR 2018-19 SCHOOL YEAR 2018-19學年年曆
The calendar for the 2018-19 school year can be found here. The first day of school will be Monday, August 13.  2018-19學年年曆可以在這裡找到。新學期第一天是在星期一,八月十三號。

A Facebook group has been created specifically for the Morrison Pool community. You may request to join the group at this link to find out pool hours, events and fees for the pool.
有一個專門為馬禮遜游泳池設立臉書。 您可以通過此鏈結申請加入該群組,以查尋游泳池的游泳池時間,活動和費用。

Summer is just around the corner and the Morrison Aquatic Center is preparing for another great swim season. Once again, we will be offering swimming lessons for those interested. Please check this doc for more information.
夏天即將到來,馬禮遜水上運動中心正在為另一個很棒的游泳季節做準備。 我們再次將為有興趣的人提供游泳課程。 請查看此檔案以獲取更多信息。

Board games are a great way for students to use teamwork, communication, and logical thinking. If you’d like your child to take a break from technology, please consider enrolling your child in the Summer Board Game Fun class. There will be two weeklong sessions, from 6/11-14 and 6/18-21 from 9am-12pm. The class will be hosted on our campus in room H106. Maximum number of students who can sign up is 16 students per session. Please contact Violet Chen in the office or at 0935-065442 for registration. The cost is NT$3600 per weeklong session. Please see this link for more details. The classes will be conducted in Chinese.
透過桌上遊戲讓小朋友暫時離開充滿3C的世界,從最單純的遊戲中,讓小朋友學習透過思考找尋獲勝的方法,透過不同的益智桌上遊戲訓練小朋友的邏輯;遊戲中更能讓小朋友累積溝通與合作的經驗。活動分為兩梯次 6/11~14 以及 6/18~21 每天早上9:00-12:00, 活動地點在馬禮遜學校H106教室。即日起開放報名。 每梯次16 人額滿。請洽辦公室Violet Chen 報名繳費。聯絡電話  0935-065442。課程以中文教學。詳細資訊請參考此檔案

Our school clinic has assembled a helpful document with information about medical procedures here in Taichung. You may access the doc at this link.
我們的學校醫護室已經在台中匯集了一份有用的文件,介紹有關醫療程序的信息。 您可以通過此鏈結造訪該文檔。

JOHN VANHOFWEGEN (Learning Needs Specialist)-
John and Ting Yi Van Hofwegen met in Colorado in 2006 while working at the YMCA of the Rockies. They were married in 2009.  John grew up in California, and attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Ting was born and raised in Taiwan, and first came to America as a young adult (to Colorado where she met John).  Over the course of their lives together God brought them to Michigan, New York City (where they came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, and where Ting attended St. John’s University), and finally Virginia Beach, VA where they both attended Regent University and where they currently live.  John currently works in the public school system of the nearby city of Norfolk, VA as a Special Education teacher, while Ting works as a Promotions Producer for the 700 Club at CBN. For fun, John enjoys cycling while Ting enjoys jogging. They also love to travel and walk around new places. They love to minister to young students, particularly Chinese-speaking students, and have been active in hosting exchange students and working with local ministries that reach out to J-1 students that come to Virginia Beach to work in the summer.  They are excited about working at Morrison and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for them during this next chapter of their lives.
JOHN AND TING VANHOFWEGEN – John和Ting Yi Van Hofwegen於2006年在科羅拉多州的洛基山YMCA工作。他們於2009年結婚。JOHN在加州長大,並在密歇根州大急流城參加卡爾文學院。TING在台灣出生長大,他年輕時來到美國(到科羅拉多遇到約翰)。在他們一起生活的過程中,上帝帶他們去了密歇根州,紐約市(他們認識基督是他們的主和救主,丁在那裡參加聖約翰大學),最後他們都到了麗晶的弗吉尼亞海灘大學和他們目前居住的地方。 John目前在附近弗吉尼亞州諾福克市的公立學校系統工作,擔任特殊教育教師,而Ting則擔任CBN 700俱樂部的促銷製作人。他們休閒娛樂,John喜歡騎自行車,而Ting喜歡慢跑。他們也喜歡在新的地方旅行和散步。他們喜歡為年輕學生,特別是講華語的學生服事,並且一直積極主辦交換學生,並與當地的部門合作,與那些前往弗吉尼亞海灘工作的J-1學生在暑假工作。他們很高興在馬禮遜工作,並且迫不及待地想知道主在他們下一章的生活中會為他們儲備什麼。

ESTHER YI HWA CHEN (Music Teacher)- 
Miss Chen was born and raised in Taiwan. After graduated from Wesley Girls’ High School in Taipei, Miss Chen immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2002. On her flight to Vancouver, Miss Chen prayed that one day she will go back to Taiwan and nurture the younger generation in her homeland. As a new immigrant to Canada, Miss Chen prayed for a home church to attend. Shortly thereafter, her music professor, Dr. Wayne, brought her to play the trombone in the church orchestra at Willingdon Church (Burnaby, Canada), a mega church in Canada. Since then Miss Chen has served in various positions in several ministries at Willingdon Church, where she was given the privilege to lead and serve as the Music Director of the Academy Orchestra, the Assistant Conductor of the Church Orchestra, a Worship Leader, a Young Adult Small Group Leader, a Kids Camp Group Leader, and a translator.
Miss Chen graduated from the University of British Columbia with both a Music Degree (2008) and Music Education Degree (2009) and started her first full-time position as a music teacher at Regent Christian Academy (Surrey, Canada), where she has held the position as the high school chamber choir teacher as well as the primary music teacher for the past 9 years. Besides pursuing her passion for teaching children, Miss Chen enjoys skiing on the weekends at a local mountain during the winter season. Miss Chen is very excited to have the opportunity to come back in Taiwan and share the love of Jesus Messiah with children.陳老師在台灣出生長大。陳老師在台北衛斯理女子高中畢業後,於2002年移居加拿大溫哥華。在她飛往溫哥華的途中,陳老師祈禱有一天她會回到台灣,培養家鄉年輕的一代。作為新加入移民的加拿大,陳老師祈禱要參加一個家庭教會。此後不久,她的音樂教授Dr. Wayne帶她去加拿大的一個大型教堂Willingdon教堂(加拿大本拿比)的教堂管弦樂隊演奏長號。從那時起,陳老師在威靈頓教堂擔任多個部委的不同職務,在那裡她被授予領導和擔任學院管弦樂團音樂總監,教會樂團助理指揮,崇拜領袖,青少契小組組長,兒童下令營組長和翻譯。


Swimming class in PE for K students

Saying ‘farewell’ to Mr. Myburgh and Mrs. Smith during the May birthday party

MS Christian Service Learning (CSL) Excursions

Animal habitat presentations in 2nd Grade

Grades 3-5 Talent Show

5th Grade Field Trip to the Astronomical Museum

Geography Bee & Patriot’s Pen Awards

Frog Dissections in 6th Grade Science

Writing poetry outside in 1st Grade

We’d like to wish a fond farewell to our EMS staff who are leaving Morrison: Mr. Myburgh, Ms. Ruan, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Wagner. We will miss you!

If you’d like to see our EMS farewell video to Mr. Myburgh please check this link.

Have a great summer!