May 27, 2020


April  四月
May 27 G8 Recognition Ceremony at 4pm 八年級畢業典禮 下午4:00
May 29 Last day of school; 10:30am dismissal; Report cards and MAP scores go home

學年最後一天; 提早放學;成績單和MAP成績寄發

Dear Parents,
Here we are again. The end of another year, but what a year it was! We have reached the final days of the 2019-2020 school year. Who knew that it would be a miracle to finish the year with face-to-face school. While it did seem to pass quickly, this unprecedented year will undoubtedly be remembered. I am blessed to have such a great community, student body, and staff to work with during this year. I am grateful to partner with you here at Morrison.

As the year winds down, we turn our thoughts to next year and all that it will bring. Each year brings change as a few of our beloved staff leave as God calls them to something new. This year we say goodbye to Ms. Vicky Chang, Mrs. Misty Deatsman, and Mrs. Grace Heebner. We will miss them tremendously!

With staff leaving, God has provided great new staff members to join the Morrison team. The EMS will only have a couple of new faces, but I am excited about new teachers who will join our staff. First, Ms. Debra Lawler will be joining our staff as the new MS Science teacher. She is an experienced middle-school science teacher with a heart for Taiwan. Miss Nicole Kamp will be joining the Morrison staff to teach EMS Art. Mr. Schirmer is not leaving but will focus on middle and high school classes. Mrs. Judy Chen will join our EMS staff teaching Mandarin part-time, while Ms. Felicia Chung teaches a full-time schedule of classes next year. Finally, Ms. Sigrid Skaggs will transition into the EMS Guidance Counselor role. While change is always challenging, I look forward to these excellent educators joining our staff.

I pray that all of you have a healthy and restful summer. I look forward to the next school year and see how God continues his work as we stay Rooted in Him. 

Colossians 2: 6-7- So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Mr. Finch

時光飛逝! 我們已經來到了2019-2020學期快結束的時候。真是無法相信我們做到了實體上課直到學期結束。儘管這一年似乎過得很快,但是這史無前例的經驗,無疑地將會是難忘的一年。我很榮幸在今年能夠與優秀的團體、學生們和教職員一起合作。我也非常感謝能夠和你們一起在馬禮遜彼此合作。

隨著這一學年的結束,我們將我們的目光轉向明年並期待著新的一年所帶來的一切。每一年都會有一些我們所愛的教職員因著神的呼召而離開。因此,今年Ms. Vicky Chang, Mrs. Misty Deatsman, Mrs. Grace Heebner 會離開。我們將會非常的想念他們。

 儘管有教職員離開,神依然給了我們一些傑出的教職員加入馬禮遜團隊。國中小學只有幾位新教職員,我們非常樂見他們的加入。首先,Ms. Debra Lawler 將是國中自然科學老師。她不只是一位很有經驗的國中自然科學老師,她也非常喜愛台灣。Miss Nicole Kamp 將是國中小學的美術老師。Mr. Schirmer 不會離開,他主要教國中和高中的美術課。Mrs. Judy Chen 將是國中小學part-time的中文老師而Ms. Felicia Chung 則是full-time 教學。最後,Ms. Sigrid Skaggs 將擔任國中小學的輔導老師。雖然異動總是不容易,但是我非常期待這些優秀的老師們加入我們。


6你們既然接受了主基督耶穌,就當遵他而行, 7在他裡面生根建造,信心堅固,正如你們所領的教訓,感謝的心也更增長了。(歌羅西書 2:6-7)

On Friday morning at 10am, the students will have their final chapel for the year! This is always a special time of singing and reflecting on the school year. Parents, please join us if you are free! After the chapel ends around 10:30 am, students will be dismissed for the summer. Please plan to pick up your children at 10:30am on Friday morning. Have a great summer break!
這星期五早上10點是我們這學年的最後一次的崇拜! 這是個特別的時間裡唱歌讚美和反思這一學年的種種。
親愛的家長們,如果您有空,歡迎請加入我們! 崇拜是在上午10:30左右結束後就開始放暑假。 請在星期五早上10:30接您的孩子。 祝大家有個愉快的暑假!

CAVES BOOKS BOOK FAIR- May 25-28 敦煌書展 五月二十五~二十八
Caves Books is coming back for another Book Fair in our library from May 25-28 from 8:00am-4:30pm! Caves will bring large quantities of English books for all ages, Chinese books, test prep books, stationery and school supplies and make them available to our community at 20% off the regular prices. It is also a great way to support the library as Caves will donate 5% of the sales to the library which we can use to buy even more books and materials for our students. We hope many of our MAC parents and students will visit the Book Fair during the last week of school!
敦煌圖書將於5月25日至28日上午8:00至下午4:30在我們的圖書館再次舉辦書展! 敦煌將帶來大量各個年齡層的英語書籍,中文書籍,考試準備用書,文具和學校用品,並以正常價格的20%的價格提供給我們的學校。 這也是支持圖書館的好方法,因為敦煌書局會將銷售額的5%捐贈給圖書館,我們可以用來為學生購買更多的書籍和材料。 我們希望馬禮遜的家長和學生在學校的最後一周來觀書展!

Ray of Hope is a crisis pregnancy center in Tainan.  They have a store where the women staying with them work to provide for themselves and their children.
They need SUMMER clothing with no stains or holes, small workable household appliances & workable toys and/or games.
This is a great time to declutter so you can buy new ones!!
Please leave your donations in the space under the staircase to the student center before Friday, June 5th.
希望之光是台南的危機懷孕中心。 他們有一家商店,在那裡的婦女們工作賺取為自己和孩子生活所需。

Thanks to all who participated in the Library’s May Book in a Jar game. The correct answer is – “Al Capone Does My Shirts” by Gennifer Choldenko! The 3 winners are: Sydney Nipper (G6), Titus Belch (G7) & Sabrina Gulliver (G12). These people can stop by the library to pick up their prize – a student store coupon worth NT$40. All who guessed the correct book are automatically entered in the big prize drawing, to be held at the end of the school year. Congrats to the winners!
感謝所有參加圖書館五月瓶中書的人。 正確答案是- “Al Capone Does My Shirts” by Gennifer Choldenko! Sydney Nipper (G6), Titus Belch (G7) & Sabrina Gulliver (G12). 這些人可以在圖書館停下來領取獎品-一張價值新台幣40元的學生商店優惠券。 所有猜對了正確書的人都將自動輸入到大學獎金中,該獎金將在學年末舉行。 恭喜獲獎者!

Thanks to all who participated in the library’s Book in a Jar contest throughout the year. Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners! Sabrina Gulliver (G12) and Lola Owens (G6) were drawn randomly from all of the correct entries throughout the school year. Each has won a US$25.00 gift card from Amazon! You can pick up your prize at the library circulation desk. Watch for the contest to return to the library in the fall semester!
感謝所有今年年參加圖書館的瓶中書競賽的人。 恭喜大獎獲得者! 在整個學年中,我們從所有猜正確的人當中,隨機抽中了Sabrina Gulliver (G12) and Lola Owens (G6))。 每個人都會獲得25美元的雅馬遜禮品卡! 您可以在圖書館領取獎金。 明年秋天開學圖書館見,繼續來參加比賽!

Session 1 – June 1-5, 2020    Session 2 – June 8-12, 2020
Looking for a summer camp for your child? Camp Excel is an action-packed week-long day camp! Campers will have the opportunity to enjoy soccer, basketball, DIY activities, group games, swimming, and more! There is something for everyone, with programs for K-12. If you have tried to register your child, but have not received a confirmation from Camp Excel, please re-register or contact them at  Registration for Week 1 is already closed. The registration deadline for the 2nd week of camp is tomorrow, Thursday, May 28.
Check out this link if you’d like to register your child:


您在尋找孩子的夏令營嗎? Excel營是一個動感十足,為期一周的全日營! 露營者將有機會享受足球,籃球,DIY活動,團體遊戲,游泳等等! 這夏令營都有適合K-12的活動安排。 如果您想為孩子報名,請查看此鏈接:CAMP EXCEL 

Summer is just around the corner and the Morrison Aquatic Center is preparing for another great swim season. Once again, we will be offering swimming lessons for those interested.  You can find more information about swim lessons on this doc.
夏季即將來臨,馬禮遜水上運動中心正準備迎接另一個美好的游泳季節。 我們將再次為感興趣的人提供游泳課程。 您可以在此文檔中找到有關游泳課程的更多信息。

Middle-School Creative Writing Opportunity 國中創意寫作
Is your middle schooler interested in writing a novel or poetry? Mrs. Lima is offering two creative writing classes this summer, one focused on the skills involved in writing a novel, the other on different types of poetry. If your family will be out of town for part of the time, no problem: students can just attend the sessions they are available for.

 If your child is interested in considering these classes or finding out more about them, please fill out this quick form. There’s a place to include any questions you might have.

 Note: space in both classes is limited. Only parents of middle school students who are truly passionate about creative writing should fill out the form. There is no guarantee that every student whose parents apply will be able to attend.

您的中學生對寫小說或詩詞感興趣嗎? Mrs. Lima今年夏天將提供兩個創造性的寫作課程,一個課程著重於小說創作的技巧,另一個課程則針對不同類型的詩詞創作。 如果您的家人有一段時間會出外旅遊,那沒問題:學生可以參加他們可以參加的課程。
如果您的孩子有興趣考慮這些課程或想了解更多的相關信息,請填寫此快速表格。 有一個地方可以填寫您的任何問題。請注意:兩個課程名額都是有限的。 只有真正熱衷於創意寫作的中學生父母才能填寫表格。 不能保證每個父母申請的學生都能參加。

Interested in improving on your volleyball skills over the summer?
This camp is the best place to do so! We offer sessions every Friday and Saturday for five weeks! The camp is split into different groups for people with different levels of skill. Please contact Mr. Peleo: or Mrs.Chen: for more information.  

Register at this link

Please turn in your camp fee by next Thursday 5/28. All campers will received a free T-shirt and a sports towel for this camp.
這個排球營將是你的最佳場所! 我們提供為期五個星期的課程,每星期的星期五五和星期六! 營隊分為不同組,分別針對具有不同技能水平的人。想了解更多信息, 請聯繫Peleo先生或Chen女士

請在下週四5/28之前交上費用。 所有團員將獲得免費的T恤和運動毛巾。

Bridge Mandarin Class Go Game Tournament. 

Shopping for books at the Caves Books Book Fair. 

Enjoying delicious zongzi in Mandarin class. 

MS Advisory Groups- final celebrations. 

MS Drama & Speech Performances 

We are thankful for our cafeteria volunteers and chefs!

K2 Students enjoyed a picnic lunch indoors today.