May 23, 2018

MAY 五月
May 25 Variety Show (7pm) 才藝表演
May 28 MS CSL; 3rd-5th grade Talent Show 國中市區服務; 三~五年才藝表演
May 30 8th Grade Recognition 八年級畢業典禮
May 31 MS Water Park Trip 國中水世界戶外教學
June 1 Last Day of School; Report Cards go home; 10:30am dismissal  學校最後一天;成績單發回,學校 當天半天課,早上10:30下課

Dear Parents,
In this, my penultimate post for the EMS Express, I turn my focus back to the future and toward the task my successor has before him.

As Mr. Finch prepares to take over from me as the educational leader of the EMS, I’d like to remind you that all leadership transitions take place in a specific context. This handover comes in the middle of our accreditation cycle. We are halfway on our way to fulfilling the School Improvement Plan (SIP). In this sense, then, Mr. Finch will continue to emphasize the same things I set out to pursue. He is well-equipped to do this.

You can expect to see more standards-based education (SBE) changes in the EMS next year as teachers further refine their practice. The school is in a very exciting place and Mr. Finch will take the EMS into the proverbial promised land. Not only was he an excellent elementary teacher with a superior command of SBE practices, but he also has a year under his belt as professional learning coach who knows how to support teachers.

Mr. Finch working with MS students in the Creation Station

With regards to innovation and experiential learning, Mr. Finch brings even more finesse. Did you know that he managed his own bike shop in California? He values hands-on learning and this year put students on a new level of discovery learning and invention through his exploratory classes. He is currently in charge of the Creation Station and you can expect to see out-of-the-box learning coming out of our maker space.

Finally, if you ever had the privilege of having Mr. Finch as your child’s teacher, you’ll know just how much he cares. He has a loving disposition and always looks out for students’ well-being and best interests. I think you’ll definitely see an ongoing emphasis on the climate of kindness we started this year and I am confident he will continue to promote the advisory/mentoring support in our school.

Parents, your children are in good hands. I assure you Mr. Finch is just the right man to lead the EMS into the future. Thank you for giving him all the support he needs.

Mr. Myburgh

Mr. Myburgh and Mr. Finch preparing lunch for the EMS staff

本週是我在EMS Express的倒數第二封信,我把焦點轉向未來,以及我的繼任者將面臨的任務。
正當Mr. Finch準備接下擔任中小學的教育領導者,我想提醒您,所有領袖的過渡期都是在特定的情況下進行的,這次的交接剛好處於評鑑週期的中段,我們正在學校改善計劃(SIP)實施的路上,那麼意思是說,Mr. Finch已經準備好將繼續實現我所欲達成的目標。
隨著老師們對於標準本位教育(SBE)的實行更加完善,您可以期待明年在中小學中看到更多正向的改變,學校正處在一個非常令人振奮的階段,Mr. Finch將把中小學帶入一個應許之地,他不僅曾是一位SBE實踐者,更是一位優秀的小學老師,而且他還曾有一年時間擔任專業學習教練,並知道如何提供老師們所需要的協助。
至於談到創新和體驗式學習,Mr. Finch反而可以帶來了更多的巧思,你知道他在加州經營自己的自行車店嗎?他重視實踐學習,今年透過探索性課程,他將學生的探索學習和發明提升到一個更高的境界,他目前負責「創造站」(Creation Station),您將可以看到我們的自造者空間中有更多跳脫框架的學習。
最後,如果您有幸曾經讓Mr. Finch擔任過您孩子的老師,您一定知道他有多在乎學生,他有著愛心的性格,並始終關注著學生各方面的感受和什麼是對他們最好的,我認為您一定會持續感受我們今年初所開始的良善氛圍,我相信他也會在學校繼續推廣並支持諮詢/輔導計畫。
家長們,您的孩子們都在很好的照顧下,我向你保證Mr. Finch是帶領中小學部走向未來的不二人選。您給他所有需要的支持,我們由衷的感謝!
Mr. Myburgh 敬上

We have a K8 chapel tomorrow, and Mr. Myburgh will be sharing with our students for the last time. We hope many of our parents will join us at 8:10am in the auditorium for this special service.
明天我們有幼稚園~八年級的崇拜,Mr. Myburgh將與我們學生做最好一次的分享。我們期待所以的家中可以在早上8:10與我們在禮堂有個特別的崇拜時間。

3-5 Talent Show 三~五年級才藝表演
Families and siblings of our talented upper elementary are invited to come see the fun performances to celebrate the end of the school year!
Monday, May 28, 12:30-2:00pm
Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

The Chinatrust Brothers are hosting multiple baseball camps this summer! Please visit this link if you are interested in sending your child to one of the camps.
中信泰富兄弟今年夏天將舉辦多場棒球訓練營! 如果您有興趣將您的孩子送到其中一個棒球營,請訪問此鏈接

Thanks to generous donations from parents for the 2016-17 annual fund, we were able to purchase 12 high-quality rock climbing helmets for our students to use on our rock climbing wall!

GLOBAL 6K for WATER:  全球為水而跑6K 
THANK YOU so much for your contributions toward and participation in Saturday’s 6K for Water. You made the day very special. With all donations, we are excited to announce that we reached our second goal: 5,500 USD! This will provide 55+ people with access to clean water and literally change their lives.
Here is a final fun announcement about the event, including pictures, videos, a survey, and acknowledgment of volunteers:
非常感謝您對周六全球為水而跑6K貢獻和參與。 你讓這一天非常特別。 所有捐款,我們很高興地宣布,我們達到了第二個目標:5,500美元! 這將為55以上的人提供乾淨的水,並改變他們的生活。

Summer is just around the corner and the Morrison Aquatic Center is preparing for another great swim season. Once again, we will be offering swimming lessons for those interested. Please check this doc for more information.
夏天即將到來,馬禮遜水上運動中心正在為另一個很棒的游泳季節做準備。 我們再次將為有興趣的人提供游泳課程。 請查看此檔案以獲取更多信息。

We have 4 new EMS teachers next year, and we would like to introduce you to them in the EMS Express. This week, we’re featuring Keturah Nipper and Crystal Liao and their families.
儂嚴中小學有四位新進教職員,,我們希望在本周和下週的EMS Express中來介紹他們。 本週,我們要介紹Keturah Nipper和Crystal Liao及其家人。

 Hi! My name is Keturah Nipper. I am married to Daniel and we have 4 girls, Abigail (9th grade), Kaylee (7th grade), Sydney (5th grade), and Everleigh Scout (Kindergarten…and she answers to either of these two names).  I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt with my 2 sisters and my parents as they worked for the IMB (International Mission Board). Daniel and I met in college at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and married after we graduated (2000). I have taught 2nd grade in Grand Prairie, TX and at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya. Daniel and I have been working at a Christian camp in Arkansas on Greers Ferry Lake called Camp Bear Track for the past 7 years. As a family, we enjoy sports, movies, new foods, and being silly together. I have a heart for discipleship and mentoring. Seeing people grow in their relationship and walk with Jesus Christ is exciting and fulfilling to me. We love living and serving overseas and are every excited about this opportunity God has given us to serve students, families, and missionaries at Morrison Academy! I am looking forward to teaching and working with middle school students. See you all in August!
嗨!我叫Keturah Nipper。我與Daniel結婚,我們有4個女孩,Abigail(9年級),Kaylee(7年級),Sydney(5年級),Everleigh Scout(幼稚園……她會回答這兩個名字中的任何一個)。我在埃及的亞歷山大長大,我的兩個姐妹和我的父母一起在IMB(國際使命委員會)工作。Daniel和我在阿肯色州Ouachita浸會大學的大學認識,並在我們畢業後結婚(2000年)。我曾在德克薩斯和肯尼亞內羅畢的羅斯林學院教過二年級。 Daniel和我在過去的7年裡一直在阿拉斯加州的Greers Ferry Lake的一個基督教營地工作,名叫Camp Bear Track。我們一家,喜歡運動,看電影,品嚐新食物,並且喜歡彼此搞笑。我有一個門徒和指導的心。看到人們在他們的關係中成長,並與耶穌基督同行,對我來說是令人興奮和滿足的。我們熱愛在海外生活和服務,並且對上帝給予我們這個機會教導馬禮遜的學生,家庭和傳教士服務感到興奮!我期待著與中學生一起進行教學和工作。 8月見!

I will be your Kindergarten teacher next year. I currently live in San Diego, California; my husband and I are both native Southern Californians. We met serving at Mosaic church together in Los Angeles and have been married for 13 years. We have two children, Riley and Kelly.  Riley will be joining the 6th grade class and Kelly will be joining the 4th grade class.
I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and have over six years of teaching experience. I have taught in Japan, China and in the United States, and am currently the Elementary technology teacher at Horizon Prep in San Diego, California. We spent several years as missionaries in China and we are so excited to be returning to Asia to join the Morrison community!  We cannot wait to be a part of what God is doing in Taichung, Taiwan!
明年我將成為您的幼兒園老師。 我目前住在加州的聖地亞哥, 我的丈夫和我都是南加州本地人。 我們在洛杉磯一起在Mosaic教會一起服事,結婚13年。 我們有兩個孩子,Riley 和 Kelly。Riley將加入六年級,Kelly將加入四年級。我畢業於南加州大學,擁有六年以上的教學經驗。 我曾在日本,中國和美國任教,目前在加利福尼亞州聖地亞哥的Horizon Prep擔任小學電腦教師。我們在中國當了幾年宣教士,我們很高興能夠回到亞洲加入馬禮遜這個大家庭! 我們迫不及待要想成為台灣台中上帝所做的一部分


Superhero Day in Kindergarten!


3rd Grade Sleepover in the Library

2nd Grade Swimming with Mr. Peleo