May 16, 2018


MAY 五月
May 19 World Vision Global 6km race 全球為水而跑6公里
May 28 MS CSL; 3rd-5th grade Talent Show 國中市區服務; 三~五年才藝表演
May 30 8th Grade Recognition 八年級畢業典禮
May 31 MS Water Park Trip 國中水世界戶外教學
June 1 Last Day of School; ½ day; 10:30am dismissal  學校最後一天; 當天半天課

Dear Parents,
This is the third piece I write as I reflect on my time here at Morrison. Perhaps it is appropriate to probe and ponder a few questions.  

What do I consider my biggest accomplishment at Morrison?
Certainly this could be measured in many different ways, but if time spent in preparation is one indicator, then I have a clear winner. Bringing the Internet and a 1:1 model of education to our K8 classrooms required extensive research, meticulous planning and careful communication. The challenge was to remove the connotation of entertainment and excessive screen time and to instill confidence in parents that the school is able to articulate and offer a coherent, research-based pedagogy that enhances good practice. It was very rewarding to transition to this without major resistance. If I may, I again want to use this opportunity to encourage all our parents to read Andy Crouch’s book on the Tech-Wise Family. As educational partners we all need his wisdom as we continue to navigate an increasingly digital world.

What am I most proud of?
This is an easy question. I am most proud of the EMS staff. Two weeks ago we had the privilege of reviewing the school’s progress toward fulfilling the school improvement plan (SIP) with the visiting mid-term accreditation committee. Their affirmations were very rewarding and indicative of the professionalism of our staff. The way they care and look out for students is commendable. I’m so thankful for them.

What did I learn most about myself as a principal?
I’ve rediscovered just how much I actually enjoy learning about something and then presenting it to others. Dreaming up a vision, collaborating with key leaders to fine tune the message and then involving others (parents included!) to help make it a reality is a very meaningful and fulfilling experience. Of course, I’ve also learned a lot about myself through the many anonymous surveys I’ve read over the last seven years. Passionate, intense, and focused are among the most frequently used descriptors.

What are some of my disappointments or regrets?
I wish I would have taken more time away from my office desk to build relationships with students. When I did, it brought memorable moments like the fun Christmas project challenges (bald head, blue hair, taped to the wall, etc.), exciting outdoor learning experiences and great character-building sporting events. I’ve often missed being a teacher.

What are some lighter moments?
I’ll never forget Mr. Dave Freeman’s redecoration of my office while I was away on a leadership summit. He literally got the whole staff involved in his creative scheming. Do ask about it. Dancing with the Zumba moms was interesting and brought lots of laughs to the student body as well. And then of course, forgetting my lines during one of the elementary concerts will continue to haunt me for a long, long time.

Next week I’d like to shift my focus back to the future and specifically point out strategic areas where the school (and Mr. Finch) will need your continued support. I’m confident yours will be a great partnership.   

Mr. Myburgh


當然,這可以用許多不同的方式來衡量,但如果是以準備的時間為標準,那麼我就有一個明確的贏家。把無線網路和1:1 教育方針帶進我們幼稚園到八年級的教室裡,這是需要廣泛的研究和縝密的規劃,挑戰在於要移去娛樂性以及看電腦螢幕時間的增加,並使家長們對校方有信心是有能力提供一個全面、以研究為基準的教學法,進而加強科技良好的使用習慣,這些困難與挑戰讓這些改變更為顯著。請容我再次用此機會鼓勵各位家長閱讀Andy Crouch的Tech-Wise Family一書,身為教育夥伴,在繼續往數位世界發展的同時,我們都需要像他這種智慧。




我永遠不會忘記當我出差在參加領導人高峰會期間,Mr. Dave Freeman重新佈置了我的辦公室,厲害的是他讓全體員工參與在他的創意策劃中,細節請歡迎詢問。與媽媽們一起跳尊巴舞(Zumba)帶來歡樂,也給學生們帶來了很多歡笑。當然,在其中一場小學音樂會中忘記我的講稿台詞,這個夢魘應該過了很久我都無法釋懷。

下週我想把焦點轉到未來,尤其是學校(和Mr. Finch)的一些策略性方面,都需要各位的持續支持,我相信你們會是一個很好的合作夥伴。

Chapel will be in the Commons this week for Grades 3-5 at 8:10am. Middle school chapel will be in the auditorium at 8:35am. Parents are welcome to join our chapel services!
三~五年級的本週崇拜是在早上8:10,地點在 Commons。中學本週崇拜是在早上8:35,地點在禮堂。歡迎所有的家長餐夾崇拜時間。

If you pre-ordered one of the new Morrison water bottles, you can come pick them up in front of the student store this Friday after school. If you didn’t preorder one, you can still buy one that day. We will also have a Spirit Merchandise on sale so come by and see us!
如果您預訂了新的馬禮遜的水瓶,您可以在本週五放學後在學生商店前領取。 如果您沒有預先訂購,您當天仍可以購買。 我們也將有一個精神商品出售,歡迎過來看看!\

3-5 Talent Show 三~五年級才藝表演
Families and siblings of our talented upper elementary are invited to come see the fun performances to celebrate the end of the school year!
Monday, May 28, 12:30-2:00pm
Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Global 6K for Water 全球為水而跑6K
Race day is just a few days away! Those who registered, please come to the office between Wednesday, May 16 and Friday, May 18 to pick up your t-shirt and a race bib so you’ll have them to wear on the race day. On Saturday, May 19th, please arrive at Morrison at 8 am to check in in the atrium before the race. If you missed the deadline for registration, you can still come and join the race and make a donation on the race day. See you then!
比賽日只有幾天! 已經登記的人請在5月16日星期三至5月18日星期五之間到辦公室領取你的T恤和競號碼布,這樣你就可以在比賽當天穿上它們。 5月19日週六,請於上午8點抵達馬禮遜,在比賽前在中庭辦理報到手續。 如果您錯過了報名截止日期,您仍然可以參加比賽並在比賽當天捐款。 回頭見!

The 3rd & 4th grade students are thrilled to announce their fundraiser to support Asres!
They would like to preserve memories from the year and honor the teachers who are leaving through these amazing T-shirts! Each shirt features a quote from Seppie Myburgh, Freddie Wagner, Yo-Yo Ruan, and Laurie Smith. There is also a text box for teachers and students to sign. These would be great shirts to wear on the last day of school! All proceeds go to support Asres! Please sign up on this form if you’d like a shirt. 三年級和四年級的學生很高興地宣布他們的募捐活動支持Asres!
他們想要保留今年即將要離職的老師們的回憶! 每件襯衫都有收錄Seppie Myburgh,Freddie Wagner,Yo-Yo Ruan和Laurie Smith的引述語句。 還有一個的文本框供教師和學生簽名。 這些都是在學校最後一天可以穿上的絕佳襯衫! 所有收益將用於支持Asres! 如果你想穿襯衫,請在這張表格上購買。

3-5 SWIMMING SCHEDULE 三~五年級游泳時間表
Please be reminded of your child’s swimming schedule for the rest of the year.  You can find the schedule here.

Summer is just around the corner and the Morrison Aquatic Center is preparing for another great swim season. Once again, we will be offering swimming lessons for those interested. Please check this doc for more information.
夏天即將到來,馬禮遜水上運動中心正在為另一個很棒的游泳季節做準備。 我們再次將為有興趣的人提供游泳課程。 請查看此檔案以獲取更多信息。


MS TISSA Basketball Tournament

Quiet moments in the library

First Grade Swimming Class with Mr. Peleo

First Grade Book Fair

8th Grade Poetry Coffeehouse

MS Spring Concert

Pick up your Morrison merchandise this Friday at 3pm! They’re selling all sorts of Morrison products, including the brand new water bottles.