January 10, 2018


January 11 Report cards go home! 寄發成績單
January 17 CC Cafe CC咖啡時間
January 22-26 EMS Spiritual Life Week (SLW) 中小學靈修週
February 3 MS Soccer Exchange; Gala Dinner 中學足球賽,Gala 募款餐會

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! I’m thankful to the Lord for your safe return.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job as principal is to write these weekly letters to you. I felt joy and peace at the end of the break when I finally moved in behind my computer to wordsmith this message. Writing doesn’t always come easy. I sometimes spend hours digesting and formulating my thoughts before posting them. I guess the editing part (reflecting, musing, etc.) is energizing to me.

Writing is a little like putting a puzzle together. It requires a vision, a big picture perspective. In our family we place the puzzle image in full view for all to see. Without it there is no final product. Finding the corners and framing the edges comes next before we group and map similar themes. It sure is rewarding when a variety of awkwardly shaped forms and pieces begin to turn into a recognizable pattern. I’m sure you’ve noticed every puzzle has those mind-boggling, and confusing pieces that just don’t fit the meaning-making process. They cause us to wonder, question, doubt, reconsider, rearrange and sometimes even throw our hands up in the air with frustration, ready to give up making sense of the whole! But great is the excitement and jubilant the moment, when all fragments finally fit to a fault! Puzzle solved!

As we go into the last semester of the school year I’d like to encourage you to approach life in our school community by being mindful of our big picture. The vision of Morrison Academy is that every student will experience a quality, biblically-integrated education, so that each one will be equipped to impact the world dynamically for Christ. As our co-authors (and fellow puzzle solvers), I wholeheartedly invite you to take up the proverbial pen with this perspective in mind. I am confident that the unique script of your child’s learning in the EMS, no matter how much of a puzzle at any given time, will complement our collective story. Let’s endeavor to partner purposefully and patiently.

Mr. Myburgh




Mr. Myburgh敬上

Air pollution has become a frequent issue in Taichung and has gained increased attention in recent days. The school is fully aware of our city’s deteriorating air quality and would like to ensure parents that we are taking appropriate steps to ensure your child’s safety. Our campus safety monitors, recess monitors, athletic directors and PE teachers use reliable sources to accurately measure the air quality index (AQI). AQI is a nationally and internationally recognized standard measurement that indicates air pollution levels.
空氣污染已成為台中經常遇到的問題,近日來受到越來越多的關注。 學校充分意識到我們的城市空氣品質日益惡化,並希望確保家長知道我們正在採取適當措施確保您的孩子的安全。 我們的校園安全監控員,下課時間監控人員,體育總監和體育教師使用可靠的資源準確地測量空氣質量指標(AQI)。 空氣質量指標是國家和國際上公認的指示空氣污染水平的標準指標。

Morrison currently monitors AQI from the following sources:

  • The Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (a website utilized by Taichung’s Education Department)
  • A smart phone app by AirVisual (the largest international air quality database)
  • And a portable air quality meter (PAQM)* which measures AQI on site and at ground level.

The PAQM measurements have shown remarkable correlation with the other two sources.  Although correlation is consistent, actual AQI measurements from each source may differ to some degree. This may be due to factors such as wind direction, wind speed, local dust and emissions and specific location of measuring device. Nonetheless, to ensure maximum safety, the school will always use the highest, most dangerous reading to direct our outdoor activity guidelines. Each of these sources takes the AQI measurement and labels it according to the following categories, which constitutes school protocol:

  • GREEN – good to go
  • 綠色 – 安全範圍
  • YELLOW – exercise discretion and be sensitive to students with asthma or other related breathing difficulties (assign alternative inside exercises for such students)
  • 黃色 – 行使自由裁量權,對哮喘或其他有呼吸困難的敏感學生(為這些學生分配室內活動)
  • RED to PURPLE – cancel outdoor recess and outdoor PE / after-school sport (indoor should still be fine)
  • 紅色到紫色 – 取消戶外體育課 /課後運動(可從事室內活動)

We trust that this brief will bring some peace of mind. Please do not hesitate to share your concerns if you have any. We welcome your input and feedback. The safety of your children are of the utmost importance to us.
我相信這封信會帶給家長一些安心。 如果您有任何疑問,請不要猶豫分享您的疑慮。 我們歡迎您的意見和反饋。 你們孩子的安全對我們至關重要。

Report cards will be sent home with students on Thursday. You’ll also receive an email from Mr. Myburgh regarding additional report card information.
這星期四學生會將成績單帶回家。同時,您也會收到 Mr. Myburgh 由 email 發給您的成績單相關信息。

CC CAFE: January 17  一月十七日 CC咖啡時間
CC Cafe: The first CC Cafe of 2018 will be on Wednesday, January 17 from 8-9 am in the cafeteria. This month’s topic is Making the Most of Your Summer and will include Mr. Hsu’s Summer College Tour and KE Foundation’s summer school program. There will also be information about earning credit over the summer and a technology update from Mr. Bradburn. Please come and enjoy some light snacks, coffee, and fellowship with other parents. CC Cafe is open to parents from all grades and is hosted in Mandarin.
CC咖啡時間:2018年第一次的CC咖啡時間將在1/17,星期三,從早上8-9 點,地點在餐廳。這個月的主題是最棒的暑假,以及Mr. Hsu的大學參觀導覽和KE Foundation’s summer school program 暑期學校. 也會有提供關於暑期修學分的資訊和Mr. Bradburn校長說明科技更新的部分。請來享用點心,咖啡和和其他將長的交誼。CC咖啡時間是以中文進行。

Let the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team help Begin, Build and Brush up your Basketball skills.  An Elementary Basketball camp will be held Saturday, Jan. 20th from 9:00 – 12:00 in the Morrison gym.  All elementary students, K-5 are welcome to join the fun.  Sign up in the office.  Camp fee – NT$500.  Proceeds will help the team travel to Chiang Mai for their end of season tournament.
讓女子籃球校隊來幫助,建立和鍛鍊你的籃球技巧。 1月20日星期六早上9:00-12:00在馬禮遜體育館將舉行小學籃球訓練營。 所有幼稚園~五年級小學生歡迎加入這充滿樂趣的籃球營。 請到在辦公室報名。 費用 – $500NT。 所得款項將資助球隊前往清邁參加季末賽。

K2 chapel will be in the Commons on Thursday at 8:10am and Mrs. Laurie Smith will be speaking. Middle school chapel will be in the auditorium at 8:35am and Mr. Darryl Owens will be speaking.
幼稚園~二年級在本週星期四,早上8:10,地點在Commons,Mrs. Laurie Smith將會與我們分享信息。中學是在本週星期四,早上8:35,地點在禮堂,是由Mr. Darryl Owens分享信息。

Parents and Students- please check the lost and found items on Friday; they will be set out on a table near the atrium.
家長以及學生們- 請在這星期五至失物招領處查看有無您遺失的物品,所有物品都會擺放在靠中庭的桌上。

MAC PAC cordially invites you to this year’s New Year’s Gala: Shanghai Nights on Saturday, February 3rd from 6:30-9:00pm. Join us for a delicious dinner and lively entertainment!  A raffle will be held to raise money for the MAC annual fund.  Space is limited!  Tickets are NT$1500 each and may be purchased in the office until January 31st.   Semi-formal attire is encouraged.
馬禮遜家長會MAC PAC誠摯地邀請您參加今年的新春募款餐會:上海之夜,時間:2月3日星期六下午6:30-9:00。 請您加入我們的美味晚餐和歡樂的餘興節目! 為了籌集MAC年度基金,當晚將舉行抽獎活動。 座位有限! 門票為新台幣一千五百元,可於一月三十一日前在辦公室購買。 請著半正式的服裝。

Ignite will have its first meeting of the new year this Saturday evening at 6:30pm in the CC.  All middle school students are invited to come join us as we begin a new series entitled “Identity”.

EMS Spiritual Life Week (SLW) will take place January 22-26! This year’s speaker, Adam Walz, is a gifted ventriloquist who brings an awesome combination of fun and spirituality. He will be building on our school theme of “Heart2Hands”. Parents are encouraged to attend the daily chapel sessions. More details to come!
中小學靈修週將在一月二十二~二十六舉行!今年的講員,Adam Walz, 他是一位有表演天賦的口技表演者,他把樂趣和靈性溶合了在一起。 他將以我們的“Heart2Hands”的學校主題為基礎。 鼓勵家長參加每日的崇拜聚會。 將會提供更多細節!

On Friday, January 26th,  the SENITA group will be hosting Dr. Rick Bates on the Morrison campus, who will be speaking on two topics:  Understanding the Dynamics of Grief & Managing Challenges and Emotions.  Dr. Bates is a counselor and currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Island Community Church in Hong Kong.  Please feel free to email Freddie Wagner for more information or fill out this form if you’d like to attend.  wagnerf@mca.org.tw
下個月,1月26日星期五,SENITA小組將在馬禮遜校區由Dr. Rick Bates博士主持的研習會,他將說兩個主題:理解悲傷和管理挑戰與情緒的模式。 Dr. Rick Bates博士是一名顧問,目前擔任香港島社區教會的執行牧師。 如有任何問題,請隨時向Freddie Wagner發送電子郵件,以獲取更多信息或是填寫此表格,如果您想參加研習。 wagnerf@mca.org.tw

Do you want to learn more about God? Do you want to find out why the Bible is the most read book in the world? Please join us on Tuesday, January 16th in the Parent Lounge (the room behind the Student Store). We will meet from 1-3pm each Tuesday. You will learn 15 Bible Stories and hear more about God! We hope that you will choose to join us!
Mary Agnes Minnich – minnichma@mca.org.tw
您有想要學習更多有關上帝嗎?你想知道為什麼聖經是世界上被閱讀最多的書嗎? 請於1月16日星期二加入我們的家長休息室(學生福利社後面的房間)。 我們將在每個星期二的下午1點到3點聚會。 你會學習15個聖經故事,並且聽到更多關於上帝的信息 我們希望您加入我們!minnichma@mca.org.tw


Students are enjoying the new hemisphere climber!

Christmas Project Celebration