February 27, 2019


February 28 Online Learning Half Day (students don’t come to school) 線上學習 上半天課(學生不用到校)
March 1 No school (PL Day for teachers) 學校放假 (教師研習日)
March 4 K5 After-school soccer starts; Community Track Meet 幼稚園~五年級課後足球課開始;社區運動會比賽
March 9 TISSA MS Volleyball Tournament TISSA國中排球賽
March 15 Quarter 3 ends 第三季結束
March 18 Start of MS Basketball season 中學籃球季開始

Our K5 after-school soccer will start on Tuesday, March 5 for G3-5. There will be no K2 soccer on Monday due to the Community Track Meet. The first day of K2 after-school soccer will be on Wednesday, March 6. Our after-school soccer only happens with parent participation. We could use a few more parent volunteers! Please talk to Mr. Peleo if you are available to help with either K2 or G3-5 after-school soccer.
我們幼稚園~五年級課後足球課將在星期二開始,三~五年級是在三月五號開始。由於星期一是社區運動會,所以,沒有幼稚園~二年級的課後足球課。幼稚園~二年級的課後足球課第一天上課時間是在三月六號,星期三。除非我們有足夠的家長義工可以幫忙,我們的課後運動活動才會開課。我們歡迎新的家長加入我們的行列!有意者,請跟Mr. Peleo聯絡,您可以幫幼稚園~二年級或是三~五年級足球課後活動。

Parents who wish to sign-up for the school-rented buses going to Taipei and Kaohsiung for the Middle School Volleyball Tournaments on March 9 are requested to sign-up at the front office. Seating is on a first come first serve basis. Limited seating is available.
Here are the number of seats available for the 2 buses:
Bus to TES (7th Grade Girls) – 22 seats available. Bus departs at 6:30 AM
Bus to MAK (6th Grade Girls) – 24 seats available. Bus departs at 6:30 AM
For more information about the upcoming TISSA tournament, please see Mr. Peleo’s letter to MS parents.
巴士到TES (七年級女球隊)–22個座位。早上6:30發車。
巴士到MAK(六年級女生)– 24個座位。早上6:30發車。
有關TISSA更多的賽事資訊,請看Mr. Peleo給家長的信

We have a new official EMS LINE account that will be used for emergency purposes and important announcements that affect our K8 students. We encourage all of our EMS parents to join the group!
To join the LINE group, please search for “TaichungEMS”, and add TaichungEMS as a ‘friend.’  Or, you may also scan the QR code below within your LINE app.
You will not be able to receive a message until you add that account. Please note that nobody will be able to reply to the LINE messages; the purpose of the group is for school information only.
我們有一個新的官方EMS 中小學LINE帳戶,用於緊急情況時或重要的幼稚園~八年級學生的公告。 我們鼓勵所有中小學家長加入該群組!
在加入該帳戶之前,您將無法收到信息。 請注意,沒有人會在LINE回覆信息; 該群組的目的僅限於學校公布消息。

ONLINE LEARNING ½ DAY (FEB. 28) 線上學習日,當日半天(二月二十八日)
Our Online Learning Day is tomorrow! On Thursday, February 28, we will practice emergency preparedness by hosting an online learning half day. Do not send your children to school. Our campus will be closed from 8-3:30pm. They will be doing classwork online from home, and teachers will be taking attendance.
We ask every parent to please hold your child(ren) accountable for completing their work by the end of the day on February 28. Note, it is a school day. Students are required to check in and may be required by their teacher to participate in live class activities. Students do not have to complete all their work between 8-11:30 AM. Assignments can be completed at any time during the day. However, staff will only be guaranteed to be available to answer questions from 8-11:30 AM.
Because we would like this practice to be as realistic as possible, we will not be sending out a link to our online learning website until Wednesday evening, February 27, at 5:00 PM. At that time, all parents and all students (grades 2-8) will find an email with online learning information for the following day’s learning. If you foresee issues with access to technology, please contact your child’s teacher so we can try to help.

2/27 5 PM All parents and students in grades K-8 receive lesson instructions for the online learning day by email.

所有K-8年級的家長和學生 會收到線上學習的課程說明的電子郵件

2/28 8 – 11:30 AM

8 AM – 10:00 PM

Teachers are available for questions via email.


Students complete and submit online course work.


3/1 10 AM Students and parents receive feedback survey.


我們要求每位家長在2月28日結束之前督促您的孩子完成功課。提醒您,當天是上學日, 學生必須登入網站報到,老師可能會要求他們參加課堂活動。 學生不必在早上8:00~11:30之間完成所有作業。 作業可以在白天的任何時間完成。 但是,教職人員只能在8-11:30 AM之前回答問題。
因為我們希望這種做法盡可能擬真,所以在2月27日星期三晚上5點之前,我們不會發送到線上學習平台的連結。 到時候,所有家長和學生(3  – 8年級)會收到一封包含線上學習信息的電子郵件。 如果您已預見一些技術上的問題,請聯繫您孩子的老師,以便我們盡力提供協助。


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