August 30, 2017

Sept. 1 K8 Meet-The-Teacher-Night (7pm) 幼稚園~八年級 親師座談會 (晚上七點)
Sept. 4 & 5 Yearbook Photos 年刊照片
Sept. 6 CC Cafe- An Overview of Morrison’s Guidance Program
Sept. 4-8 EMS T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp 中小學T.H.I.N.K.營
Sept. 8 EMS T.H.I.N.K. Celebration 中小學T.H.I.N.K. 慶祝活動
Sept. 16 MS Volleyball Exchange 中學排球交換賽
Sept. 18 Community Swim Meet 游泳比賽

Dear Parents,
Here at the EMS our stomachs have butterflies! We’re filled with excitement as we prepare for Friday’s Meet the Teacher Night (MTTN). It is our one chance in the year to inform you of syllabi, classroom management plans, big projects, grades, PowerSchool and other support services that are often hidden in plain sight. I also hope you’ll be able to catch my 15-20 minute talk on standards-based education (SBE) at 7 pm in the Commons. SBE is going to be our big focus for the year. Below I reflect on one of its core tenets.

Learning often gets equated with a grade. We’re obviously not opposed to such metrics, but we think a lot gets lost in translation. For example, when a student scores an A on their report card, parents don’t always know what the grade represents. More often than not, the achievement is a mixture of extraneous elements that are not really related to the mastery of academic benchmarks. Sometimes these include completion of homework, late assignments, participation, etc. While we value, for example, the development of a solid work ethic or punctual completion of assignments, we don’t think it’s best practice to inflate/dilute academic grades with the character-related visions we have for our learners. Instead, SBE holds to a much purer philosophy of learning and separates the process (attitude, behavior and/or dispositions) from the product (academic mastery). The result is that we’ll be communicating with much greater clarity and gap-defining accuracy.

I recognize that this might be a mouthful. On Friday night I’ll use lots of visuals to help you understand where the school is going. Looking forward to having you with us.   

Mr. Myburgh





Mr. Myburgh敬上


Schedule The schedule for the evening can be found at this link. Schedules will also be given to parents when they arrive on Friday night. MTTN will start promptly at 7pm in the Commons.
Childcare The varsity girls’ volleyball team will provide childcare for those who need it. Please drop off your child in the upper gym before 7pm and pick him/her up in the Commons. The children will play in the upper gym for the first 45 minutes before moving to the Commons for quieter activities. If you have any questions, please contact the EMS Office.
Creation Station Activity During Meet-the-Teacher-Night, parents are invited to tour the library, learn about library resources, and participate in activities in the Creation Station including contributing to the largest Lego wall in Taichung, trying some stitches on the sewing machine, drawing with a 3d printing pen, and woodworking with the Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool.
Parking Additional parking is available in the back parking lot near the South Tower.


時間表 懇親會活動時間表請參看始連結


供托兒服務 女子排球隊將為有需要的家長提供托兒服務。 請在七點之前將您的孩子放在體育館樓上,並在結束後到Commons接您的孩子。 前45分鐘小朋友將在體育館樓上玩遊戲,之後在前往Commons進行較安靜的活動。 如果您有任何問題,請聯繫中小學辦公室。
自制區活動 在當晚的懇親會活動中,我們邀請家長到圖書館,了解圖書館的資源,參與創作站的活動,包括為台中最大的樂高牆做出的貢獻,嘗試使用縫紉機,使用3D立體印刷筆,以及使用Dremel 3000旋轉工具進行木工加工。
停車 後停車場,靠近South Tower,額外開放提供停車位使用。

Our K5 students will have a special chapel this week as they ‘kick off’ their T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp! All K5 students are encouraged to wear their T.H.I.N.K. t-shirts! Parents, please feel free to join us on Thursday at 8:10am in the auditorium for the chapel service. Middle school chapel will be in the Commons and Mr. Scott Finch will be speaking.
我們的幼稚園~五年級學生本週將有一個特別的崇拜時間,因為他們開始了他們的T.H.I.N.K.訓練營! 鼓勵所有K5學生需都穿T.H.I.N.K.T卹!家長,我們歡迎您在星期四早上8:10至禮堂與我們一起參加崇拜。中學在Commons,Mr. Scott Finch 是我們的講員。

Yearbook photos will be next Monday and Tuesday. Your child’s homeroom teacher will communicate which day your child will get his/her photos taken.
年刊照像是在下星期一和星期二。 您孩子導師會將會通知您孩子將在那一天拍攝照片。

The EMS T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp will be held September 4-8.  During ‘bootcamp,’ students will participate in activities designed to help them THINK through their time on the internet. Each day will focus on a word that gives them the power to become positive digital citizens! Teachers will communicate with parents over the next few weeks about this important digital citizenship initiative. This is a great opportunity to partner with the school.
中小學 T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp在9月4日至8日舉行。在“bootcamp”期間,學生將參加為他們設計的活動,旨在幫助他們在互聯網上的活動時間。 每一天,都會專注在一個標語上,讓他們成為有正向積極能力的數字公民! 教師將在接下來的幾個星期內與家長溝通,了解這一個重要的數字公民活動。 這是與學校合作的絕佳機會。

Would you like to honor your child on his/her birthday and help the library program as well? How? You can donate 500 NT (this cost reflects the average price of new hardback books) and a special name plate with your child’s photo, name, and current grade level will be placed in the front of a new library book to commemorate it as your child’s birthday book.
你想在你的孩子的生日祝福他/她,同時幫助圖書館活動嗎? 可以如何做呢? 您可以捐贈新台幣500(這筆費用是新的精裝書的平均價格),並且您的孩子的照片,姓名和現在的年級將會貼在特殊設計的名牌上,然後會被展示在新圖書館書籍的前面,以作為紀念您孩子的 生日的生日書。
Bring 500 NT to the library on Meet The Teacher Night, September 1st at 6:30pm and choose a birthday book for your child. The last day for Birthday Book Selection will be Friday, September 8th.  We will present the birthday book selection during library class and he/she will be the first to check out the new book. Other students, for as long as the book remains in the library, will be able to see his/her name and photo in the book after your child has read the book and returned it to the library.
請在懇親會,九月一日,晚上6:30,帶500新台幣到圖書館選一本書給您的孩子。九月八日是選書的最後一天。我們將在圖書館課中介紹您為孩子選的生日書,貴子弟將首先可以借閱這新書。 其他學生,只要這本書保留在圖書館,在您的孩子讀完本書並將其歸還圖書館後,他們就可以在書中看到他/她的姓名和照片。
If you would like to participate please come to the library during Meet The Teacher Night or the following week to choose your special book. If you have any questions, please let us know.如果您有意在懇親會時參與此活動或也可在懇親會後隔週到圖書館選擇您的書。 如果您有任何問題,請讓我們知道。

Are you cool, crafty, and creative? Do you enjoy helping students tinker around with objects like 3D printers, Legos or beads? If so, you may be just the kind of parent who would make a great volunteer for our Library’s Makerspace, the Creation Station! We are looking for parents to volunteer their time to help with Makerspace activities after school. If this interests you and you have gone through the proper steps to be a school volunteer, please email Scott Finch at You can also talk to him at Meet-the-Teacher Night. Please note that all volunteers will need to go through a training session.
你覺得你是很酷,手巧又有創意的人嗎? 你喜歡幫助學生修補東西如,3D影印機,樂高還是珠子的物品嗎? 如果是這樣,你可能是那種為圖書館自製空間創作站做一個偉大的家長志工! 我們正在尋找有意願的家長參加下課後的Makerspace活動。 如果這樣,您也已經通過正確的申請學校志工的步驟,敬請關注更多細節。 所有義工者將接受培訓。

The annual Community Swim Meet will be held on Monday, Sept 18. This event is for K-12 students, parents, and the entire Morrison community. If you or your child would like to compete in an event, you can register at before Friday, Sept 8.

The CC Cafe is hosted by the high school counseling center once a month and is a time for parents from all grades to gather and learn about and discuss a specific topic presented by the counseling center. Topics in the past have included Standardized Testing, Morrison’s College Application Process, Parenting, Making the Most of your Summer, Third Culture Kids, and more! There is also a time for fellowship as you sip on coffee prepared by Mr. Heebner and enjoy light snacks prepared by Freshmen parents. The CC Cafe dates are listed below. Look for an announcement in the HS Bulletin or EMS Express for each month’s topic. CC Cafe is always on a Wednesday from 8-9 am in the cafeteria and is hosted in Mandarin. Please contact Mr. Hsu ( if you have any questions. September’s topic will be An Overview of Morrison’s Guidance Program and Activities.
CC咖啡由高中輔導中心每月舉辦一次,提供給各年級家長聚集,收集諮詢以及討論中心提供的特定主題的一個時間。過去我們曾討論過 Standardized Testing基本學測,馬禮遜學生申請大學程序,親子教養,最棒的暑假,第三文化小孩,還有更多!同時家長們也可以一邊喝著由Mr. Heebner準備的咖啡以及享用著由高中新生家長們準備的小點心,一邊和其他家長有交誼。CC咖啡時間表如下。請在高中的週刊HS Bulletin或是中小學週報EMS Express上查詢當月的主題。CC咖啡時間都是於星期三早上八點~九點,在餐廳舉行,都會是用中文進行。如您有任何問題,請聯繫Mr. Hsu(。九月的主題是馬禮遜輔導課程概述及活動。

September 6
October 4
November 1
December 6
January 17
February 21
March 14
April 18
May 16

 Chess is back for another year at Morrison Christian Academy!  This year we will be offering 1 class with Taiwan’s highest certified Chess Coach. We will offer a continuing class on Thursday for all leveled players. Beginners are WELCOME, and can come and try the first class for free!  Class will start on Thursday, September 7th.  Please sign up in the office before Tuesday, September 6th.
今年西洋棋又再一次在馬禮遜開課了! 今年我們將提供一班跟台灣最高認證的國際象棋教練上課。 星期四將給所有級別的學員持續上課。 歡迎初學者免費試聽第一堂課! 班將於9月7日(星期四)開始。 請在9月6日星期二之前在辦公室註冊。
Details 細節如下

Day 日期 Time時間 Price費用
Thursday星期四 3:00-4:30 PM 300nt/class堂

        I look forward to another exciting year of teaching chess, and we will learn a lot of new things.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at anytime at 0961-069-740!  Gary Hobbes.
我期待這令人興奮的一年可以繼續教導西洋棋,我們將會學到很多新的東西。 如果您有任何問題或疑慮,請隨時與我聯繫0961-069-740! Gary Hobbes.

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