August 23, 2017



AUGUST & SEPT. 八月&九月
August 25 MS Beginning-of-Year Party (3:30-5:45pm) 中學開學派對
August 28 MS Volleyball starts
Sept. 1 K8 Meet-The-Teacher-Night (7pm) 幼稚園~八年級 親師座談會 (晚上七點)
Sept. 4 & 5 Yearbook Photos 年刊照片
Sept. 4-8 EMS T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp 中小學T.H.I.N.K.營
Sept. 18 Community Swim Meet 游泳比賽

Dear Parents,
It was good to see so many of you at our K12 Parent Tea last Friday. What an excellent attendance, not to mention the number of fathers being there. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.

This week I’d like to share a few summer reflections with you. I admit, they’re quite contrarian, but thought-provoking in the least. First, I’ll give some context and then bring it back to our school theme.

Some have recently begun to wonder whether modern society has made significant progress in the 21st Century? Why, have we not invented the Internet and the iPhone! But upon closer inspection, when comparing this generation’s ingenuity with those that invented combustion engines, airplanes, rockets, moon landings, and computers, we must join the critics in asking: Have we picked all the low hanging fruit so as to reach the end of some cosmic cupboard? Do we find ourselves in an age of stagnation? US entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel has this to say:

“If you lived from 1870 to 1950 you lived in a world where you saw shifts from horses to cars and jet airplanes and then you have innovations in so many different dimensions. Oil and the fossil-fuel industries emerged; you had plastics, you had household appliances; indoor plumbing . . . the list goes on. Whereas over the last forty-five years we’ve had progress mostly around the world of bits—computer, software, Internet, mobile Internet.” (Comment Magazine)

Thiel goes on and carefully pins the slowing on a set of cultural changes, issues of nurture. He believes our generation is beset by risk aversion, we’re too afraid for things to go wrong. On one hand the learned aversion is understandable (consider the danger of nuclear weapons), but could it be that this generation mostly lack agency? Could it be that our cultural institutions lack important rites of passage? Are we successfully mantling the soul of our students with new roles and responsibilities?

In my reflections, I was convicted about the need to empower our students. One way to do this is through a focus on our school theme. This year, as we partner with each other, let’s commit to training our students’ hearts. Let’s trust God to bring about transformation. Our students may inherit not only the earth, but also the kingdom of God.

Mr. Myburgh


有些人最近開始思考現代社會是否在二十一世紀有任何重大進展?為什麼,我們不就發明了網際網路和iPhone!但是經過仔細的觀察,當把這一代的聰明才智與那些發明燃燒發電機、飛機、火箭、登陸月球和電腦相比較時,我們必須和評論家一起問這些問題:在這取之不盡的宇宙櫥櫃裡,我們是否選擇了所有容易實現的目標?我們發現自己處於停滯時期嗎?美國企業家和風險投資家彼得·蒂爾(Peter Thiel)這樣說:

美國企業家和風險資本家彼得·蒂爾(Peter Thiel)說:「如果你活在1870年到1950年間,你是生活在一個看到從馬轉變到汽車和噴氣式飛機的世界,那麼你在許多不同的層面上有創新。油和化石燃料工業出現了;你有了塑料、你有了家用電器、室內管線⋯還有更多。而在過去的四十五年裡,進展僅限於數位界
電腦、軟體、網際網路、移動式網路。」 (評論雜誌Comment Magazine)


Mr. Myburgh 敬上
*註:Risk Aversion (風險規避):風險規避是風險應對的一種方法,是指通過計劃的變更來消除風險或風險發生的條件,保護目標免受風險的影響。

This Thursday, MS chapel is in the Commons and Mr. Freddie Wagner will be speaking on the topic:  Heart to Hands:  How it Works When You Are in Middle School.  There will be no chapel for K5 students due to MAP testing.
這星期四,中學崇拜在Commons,Freddie Wagner老師將與我們分享信息“從心到手”:如何應用在國中生活中。 由於本週是MAP測試,幼稚園~五年級學生將不會有崇拜。

Please note that the EMS T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp has been changed from the week of August 28 to September 4-8.  During ‘bootcamp,’ students will participate in activities designed to help them THINK through their time on the internet. Each day will focus on a word that gives them the power to become positive digital citizens! Teachers will communicate with parents over the next few weeks about this important digital citizenship initiative. This is a great opportunity to partner with the school.
請注意,中小學 T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp已從原本8月28日變更至9月4日至8日舉行。在“bootcamp”期間,學生將參加為他們設計的活動,旨在幫助他們在互聯網上的活動時間。 每一天,都會專注在一個標語上,讓他們成為有正向積極能力的數字公民! 教師將在接下來的幾個星期內與家長溝通,了解這一個重要的數字公民活動。 這是與學校合作的絕佳機會。

The Grade 3 Beginning Strings class is full for this year; however there is still room in our other after-school music classes:
今年3年級初級弦樂班已經滿班了; 但是,我們其他課後音樂課還有位置:
Grade 4 Orchestra (Tuesday 4:10-4:55 & Thursday 3:45-4:30)
Grades 4 & 5 Elementary Choir (Monday 3:30-400 & Wednesday 3:15-3:45)
If you didn’t sign up yet, you can still join these music ensembles.  Please turn in your form to the office and then come to the next rehearsal.  We welcome you!
如果您尚未註冊,您仍然可以加入這些課程。 請交將您的表格至辦公室,即可參加下一次排練。 我們歡迎你!

K8 SWIMMING STARTS August 28 幼稚園~八年級游泳課在八月二十八號開始
Parents, please take note that all students in grades K8 will start their swimming unit in P.E. on August 28. For grades 3-5, students will be placed in groups and only swim on certain days. If your child is in grades 3-5, please refer to the swimming schedule from Mr. Peleo.
家長請注意,所有幼稚園~八年級的學生體育課將在 8月28日開始上游泳課。。3-5年級,學生將被分組,他們將安排在特定的時間上游泳課。 如果您的小孩是在3-5年級,請參閱Mr. Peleo的游泳課時間表

If your child is taking private music lessons, you can find the schedule in the office or at the campus safety monitor desk.

Would you like to honor your child on his/her birthday and help the library program as well? How? You can donate 500 NT (this cost reflects the average price of new hardback books) and a special name plate with your child’s photo, name, and current grade level will be placed in the front of a new library book to commemorate it as your child’s birthday book.
你想在你的孩子的生日祝福他/她,同時幫助圖書館活動嗎? 可以如何做呢? 您可以捐贈新台幣500(這筆費用是新的精裝書的平均價格),並且您的孩子的照片,姓名和現在的年級將會貼在特殊設計的名牌上,然後會被展示在新圖書館書籍的前面,以作為紀念您孩子的 生日的生日書。

Bring 500 NT to the library on Meet The Teacher Night, September 1st at 6:30pm and choose a birthday book for your child. The last day for Birthday Book Selection will be Friday, September 8th.  We will present the birthday book selection during library class and he/she will be the first to check out the new book. Other students, for as long as the book remains in the library, will be able to see his/her name and photo in the book after your child has read the book and returned it to the library.
我們將在圖書館課程中介紹生日小冊子,貴子弟將首先可以借閱這新書。 其他學生,只要這本書保留在圖書館,在您的孩子讀完本書並將其歸還圖書館後,他們就可以在書中看到他/她的姓名和照片。
If you would like to participate please come to the library during Meet The Teacher Night or the following week to choose your special book. If you have any questions, please let us know.
如果您有意參加懇親會或在下懇親會下周到圖書館選擇您的書。 如果您有任何問題,請告訴我們。

Are you cool, crafty, and creative? Do you enjoy helping students tinker around with objects like 3D printers, Legos or beads? If so, you may be just the kind of parent who would make a great volunteer for our Library’s Makerspace, the Creation Station! We are looking for parents to volunteer their time to help with Makerspace activities after school. If this interests you and you have gone through the proper steps to be a school volunteer, stay tuned for more details. All volunteers will go through an official training session.
你覺得你是很酷,手巧又有創意的人嗎? 你喜歡幫助學生修補東西如,3D影印機,樂高還是珠子的物品嗎? 如果是這樣,你可能是那種為圖書館自製空間創作站做一個偉大的家長志工! 我們正在尋找有意願的家長參加下課後的Makerspace活動。 如果這樣,您也已經通過正確的申請學校志工的步驟,敬請關注更多細節。 所有義工者將接受培訓。

The Middle School Beginning of the Year party is this Friday- August 25th! It starts after school at 3:20pm and ends promptly at 5:45pm. Parents, please pick students up at 5:45pm.
今年中學生開學歡樂派對將在這星期五-八月二十五號舉行!下午3:20放學即開始,並於下午5:45迅速結束。 請家長於下午5:45接回學生。
Students need to bring: 學生須帶物品
– $100 NT to the homeroom teacher BY Thursday (Aug.24th).
-星期四前(八月二十四日)繳交$100 給導師
– 6th grade: DRINKS (Juice boxes and/or CANNED drinks only- NO 2 Liters!) by Friday.
-六年級:星期五前帶飲料(只能帶鋁箔幫裝果汁以及/或是鐵鋁罐飲料- 勿帶2公升飲料)
-7th grade: COOKIES by Friday.
-8th Grade: CHIPS by Friday.
HOUSE TEAM color shirt (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, or Purple)
-HOUSE TEAM 顏色衣服 (紅,局,黃,藍,綠,或是紫色)
Watergun (YOU are responsible for your own. If you borrow, YOU are responsible for it and returning it)
Shoes that can get wet & dirty
Swimsuit (Morrison appropriate)
Change of clothes, shoes, & a towel

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