August 22, 2018


August 23, 24 MS Spiritual Life Day/ Overnight/ Beginning of Year Party 國中靈修日/夜宿學校/開學派對
August 27 MS Soccer starts 國中足球開始
August 27, 28 Yearbook Pictures 年刊照片
August 31 EMS MTTN (Meet the Teacher Night) at 7pm 中小學親師會,晚上七點
September 10-14 EMS T.H.I.N.K. Bootcamp 中小學 T.H.I.N.K.營

Dear Parents,
Even with all its craziness, I love the first week of school. Yes, there are a few tears as little ones say goodbyes to parents and as 6th graders struggle with lockers for the first time, but students filling the classrooms, hallways, and playgrounds bring an overwhelming sense of joy back to school. All the work preparing for the start of the new year suddenly becomes well worth the time when parents and students walk through the doors of the atrium.

It has also been a blessing to see many of you, our parents, throughout this first week of school. I am reminded that Morrison is not just a school, it is a community. I believe we have amazing parents, and it is a pleasure to work with you to provide your children with a quality, Biblically integrated education. Morrison Academy partners with parents in their God-given responsibility of training their children. (Colossians 3:20; Romans 13:1). (Philosophy Statement, 2009) Training our children is a journey that requires a supportive community to help us along the way. We are blessed.

A key to success in any community is communication. I look forward to seeing all of you at our Meet-the-Teacher-Night next week. This will be an opportunity for me to share with you about the year ahead. It is also a great chance for you to meet your children’s teachers and open paths for great communication throughout the year. Please make plans to join us on August 31, at 7 PM.

Mr. Finch


在這開學的第一週,我見到了許多人其中包括我們的家長,這是一件感恩的事,且再次提醒了我馬禮遜不僅僅是一所學校,它還是一個社區。我相信我們有很棒的家長們,很高興能與您合作,為您的孩子提供優質結合聖經原則的教育,馬禮遜期望能與父母合作,承擔起上帝賦予我們訓練培養孩子的責任。 (歌羅西書3:20;羅馬書13:1)。 (教育理念,2009)教育我們的孩子是需要一個彼此扶持的社區來幫助我們走過的旅程,我們很備受祝福。

Mr. Finch 敬上

Grades 3-5 will have chapel in the auditorium this week and Ms. Karen Neff will be speaking. Middle School chapel will be in the Commons and Mrs. Rebekah Owens will be speaking. Parents are welcome to join our chapel services on Thursday mornings.
本週三~五年級的崇拜在禮堂,Karen Neff女士將分享信息。 中學的崇拜在CommonsMrs. Rebekah Owens將分享信息。 歡迎家長在周四早上參加我們的崇拜時間。

Parent volunteers are vital to the success of our school.  We value your partnership. For safety purposes, if you would like to volunteer, we need you to fill out an important volunteer form and take a short training course.  Every year, you must take the Child Safety course.
We will be offering two group Child Safety Protection Network Training Times in the office conference room on Friday, August 31st during the K8 Meet the teacher night.
You may also click on this link and take the training course on-line at your convenience. 辦公室將在八月三十一日,於班親會晚上,在辦公室的conference room 舉辦Child Safety Protection Network兒童安全保護網的訓練課程,當天會有兩組。

Would you like to honor your child on his/her birthday and help the library program as well? How? You can donate 500 NT (this cost reflects the average price of new hardback books) and a special name plate with your child’s photo, name, and current grade level will be placed in the front of a new library book to commemorate it as your child’s birthday book.
Bring 500 NT to the library on Meet The Teacher Night, August 31st at 6:30pm and choose a birthday book for your child. The last day for Birthday Book Selection will be Friday, September 7th.  We will present the birthday book selection during library class and he/she will be the first to check out the new book. Other students, for as long as the book remains in the library, will be able to see his/her name and photo in the book after your child has read the book and returned it to the library.
If you would like to participate please come to the library during Meet The Teacher Night or the following week to choose your special book. If you have any questions, please let us know.
如果您想參加,請在Meet the Teacher Night 親師座談會或下週至圖書館參觀,選擇您的喜愛書籍。如果你有任何問題,請告訴我們。

The clinic will be doing our annual health screenings in conjunction with yearbook picture day again this year. We will be taking students’ height and weight on either Monday 8/27 or Tuesday 8/28, depending on their scheduled picture day. This year, students in K, 2nd , 5th and 8th grades will also receive a routine vision screening in accordance with our new vision screening policy. If you have any questions, please email Michelle Roloff at
醫護室年度的健康檢查將與年刊照相同天。 我們會在星期一8/27,星期二或是 8/28兩天依照照相的安排行程為學生量身高體重。 今年,按照慣例,幼稚園,2年級,5年級和8年級的學生也將會做例行視力篩查。 如果您有任何疑問,請發電子郵件:Michelle Roloff at

Board games are a great way for students to use teamwork, communication, and logical thinking. If you’d like your child to take a break from technology, please consider enrolling your child in the 2018 Fall Board Game Fun class. The class is open for G1~G6 students and will meet every Monday after school 3:30 ~ 5:00pm starting September 10th. There will be 12 classes per semester. Maximum number of students who can sign up is 24 students.  Please contact Violet Chen in the office or at 0935-065442 for registration. The cost is NT$3600 for one semester. Please see this link for more details. The classes will be conducted in Chinese with English translation if needed. Only ONE spot is left in the class, so be sure to register your child ASAP.
透過桌上遊戲讓小朋友暫時離開充滿3C的世界,從最單純的遊戲中,讓小朋友學習透過思考找尋獲勝的方法,透過不同的益智桌上遊戲訓練小朋友的邏輯;遊戲中更能讓小朋友累積溝通與合作的經驗。課程開放給ㄧ~六年級學生,從九月十日開始,每週一課後 3:30~5:00pm 上課。每學期十二堂課。即日起開放報名至九月五日截止。 課程24人額滿。費用每學期 新臺幣3600元。 請洽辦公室Violet Chen 報名繳費。聯絡電話  0935-065442。課程以中文教學(如有需求,可加上英文翻譯)。詳細資訊請參考此檔案。目前只剩一個名額,請儘速報名。

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am (Join Facebook group for more info)
A time of fellowship and fun once a week for parents and kids (0-5 yrs of age, not in school). There will be time of hanging out at different apartments to play, go to an outside playground, field trips, etc. All activities are voluntary, we welcome you to join whenever is convenient for you. The group is not only limited to Morrison staff. Please do share with other parents and kids who would be blessed by the community.

Fridays 10:00-12:00pm (Join Facebook group for more info)
A weekly time of fellowship, digging into Gods word, praying, and encouragement with other sisters. Not only limited to the Morrison community. Feel free to add any other women that would be blessed by this time. Children are welcome. There will always be an area for them to play and even if you want to keep them beside you.
-Location: North Towers 1C
每週五10:00-12:00 (加入Facebook群組了解更多信息)
-聚會地點:North Towers 1C


  • K8 EMS Chapel

  • The Purple House Group (MS)

  • Our wonderful K5 Homeroom Teachers

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Swim Classes with Mr. Peleo

Our fabulous 1st graders & their reading buddies