August 21, 2019


August 22 MS Spiritual Emphasis Day/ MS Overnight  中學靈修退休日
August 26 MS Soccer Starts 中學足球開始; Yearbook Photos  年刊照相日
August 30 K8 Meet the Teacher Night (7pm) 幼稚園~八年級 班親晚會 (晚上七點)
September 13 Online learning day (AM); no school for students in PM 線上學習日(早上),下五學生不上課
September 16-20 EMS THINK Week 中小學THINK週 

We would like to invite all parents to join us next Friday evening, August 30 at 7pm for our annual EMS Meet the Teacher Night (MTTN). MTTN is a time when our teachers get the chance to briefly introduce themselves to parents and set the stage for a thriving partnership for the rest of the school year.
K5 students will be giving ‘student-led tours’ to their parents for part of the evening, so please bring your children with you. Childcare will be provided for younger siblings or for K5 children whose parents are also attending Middle-School presentations. A schedule will be shared with all parents in next week’s EMS Express.
邀請所有的家長參加我們下星期五晚上, 8月30號,晚上七點,參加我們年度中小學舉辦的班親會。班親會是讓我們所有老師的可以簡短的向家長們介紹他們自己的機會,並為今年度下一個和家長建立一個合作的平台關係。幼稚園~五年級學生將會充當“小小嚮導”帶領他們的家長參加其中的一些活動,所以請您帶著您的孩子。當天我們會提供年齡較小的托兒服務,或是您有幼稚園~五年的孩子,但需要參加在國中的孩子的班親會,也可將您的孩子送去托兒服務。下週的EMS我們將會公布時間表。

Are you interested in coaching an Elementary or Middle School sports team this year? If so, please take time to fill out this survey from Mr. Peleo and contact him if you have any questions.
你有興趣今年指導小學或中學的運動隊嗎? 如果是這樣,請花些時間填寫Mr. Peleo的調查問卷,如果您有任何疑問,請與他聯繫。

A Vex IQ Robotics Class will be offered to our EMS students in grades 3-8 every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-5:30pm, starting 8/27. A trained instructor will be teaching the class, and will provide all of the resources for the students, including a VEX IQ Super Kit. There will be a total of 16 classes, and the cost fee is around NT$12,000, depending on how many students register. The class is limited to 10 students, so please sign up in the office you’d like to register your child.
Vex IQ機器人提供給三·八年級的學生,課程將於每週二下午3:30-5:30(從8月27日開始)。課程將由一名非常有經驗的老師教授課程,課程會提供所需的材料,包括VEX IQ Super Kit。 總共將有16堂課,費用約為12,000新台幣,具體取決於註冊的學生人數。 本課程僅限10名學生,所以請盡快至辦公室為您的孩子報名。

Board games are a great way for students to use teamwork, communication, and logical thinking. If you’d like your child to take a break from technology, please consider enrolling your child in the 2019 Fall Board Game Fun class. The class is open for G2~G6 students and will meet every Wednesday after school 3:40 ~ 5:00pm starting September 4th. There will be 13 classes for this semester. Maximum number of students who can sign up is 16 students.  Please contact Violet Chen in the office or at 0935-065442 for registration. The cost is NT$4,800 for one semester. The classes will be conducted in Chinese with English translation if needed.
透過桌上遊戲讓小朋友暫時離開充滿3C的世界,從最單純的遊戲中,讓小朋友學習透過思考找尋獲勝的方法,透過不同的益智桌上遊戲訓練小朋友的邏輯;遊戲中更能讓小朋友累積溝通與合作的經驗。課程開放給二~六年級學生,從九月四日開始,每週三課後 3:40~5:00pm 上課。這學期有十三堂課,費用新臺幣4800元,贈送兩個遊戲。開放報名至九月二日截止。 課程16人額滿。 請洽辦公室Violet Chen 報名繳費。聯絡電話  0935-065442。課程以中文教學(如有需求,可加上英文翻譯)。

The Sian Tang Equestrian Club is offering Morrison students an opportunity to take horse riding lessons at their stable every Wednesday after school from 4:30-6:30pm. Some of our high school students already go to the stable each week to groom and ride the horses, and now the stable would like to offer this package to EMS students who are in grade 2 and above. Sian Tang will provide transportation and dinner as part of the package. The lessons start on September 9, and you may contact Ruby Hsu for more information. Her cell phone number is 0919-024-292, and her Line ID is kayakingirl.
先騰馬術俱樂部為Morrison學生提供在每個星期三下午4:30-6:30之後在馬場騎馬課程的機會。 我們的一些高中生每週都去馬場訓練和騎馬,現在馬場希望將這個活動課程提供給中小學二年級以上的學生。 先騰將提供交通和晚餐作為活動課程的一部分。 課程從9月9日開始,想知道更多訊息,請聯繫Ruby Hsu。 她的手機號碼是0919-024-292,她的LINE 帳號是kayakingirl。

The High School Fencing Club would like to invite Middle School students to join in the fun of fencing. We would like to spread the excitement, the joy, and the benefits of fencing to anyone who is interested. We plan to establish the fencing club in the science basement and to practice every Friday after school. The club is mainly focusing on Saber fencing instead of the other categories of fencing, like Epee and Foil. Fencers who participate in our club in every level are able to compete and to participate in real tournaments! Please contact Nick Lin at if your middle school child would like to participate.
高中擊劍俱樂部想邀請中學生參加擊劍的樂趣。 我們想向所有感興趣的人傳播擊劍令人興奮之處,有趣和好處。 我們計劃在科學教室地下室建立擊劍俱樂部,並在每週五放學後練習。 該俱樂部主要專注於尖細的輕擊劍而不是其他類別的擊劍,如重劍和花劍。 參加各級俱樂部的擊劍運動員都可以參加比賽並參加真正的錦標賽! 如果您的中學生想參加,請與Nick Lin聯繫:

Morrison Daytime Women of Faith: Our first gathering will be this coming Friday, August 23rd from 9:30-11:30. All are welcome. If you are looking to meet other women in the community, dig into God’s word, pray for one another, and grow together – we hope to see you!
This semester we will be studying through the book of Esther and Ruth.
Location: North Towers 1C
LINE Link:
Facebook Link
馬禮遜Daytime Women of Faith 清晨信心的婦女團契: 我們的第一次聚會是在8月23日星期五9:30-11:30。 歡迎所有人。 如果你想認識社區中的其他婦女,研讀上帝的話語,彼此代禱,共同成長 – 我們希望能見到你!
地點:North Towers 北塔1C
LINE Link:
Facebook Link

Please come and join us each Thursday morning from 10-11:30 in the prayer room (3rd floor—above the Atrium)! We will be praying for the school as well as our own children! We hope you can join us! Please come and bring a friend or two! We will meet on Thursday, August 22nd and every week after that. Mary Agnes Minnich (
請每週四早上10-11點30分在祈禱室(3樓 – 中庭上方)加入我們! 我們將為學校和我們自己的孩子祈禱! 我們希望你可以加入我們! 請帶一兩個朋友來! 我們將在8月22日星期四和之後的每週聚會。 Mary Agnes Minnich(

Do you wonder what the Bible is all about? It is full of interesting Stories! Come listen and learn a Story a week! We will meet each Wednesday from 1:15-3:30 in Dan and Mary Agnes Minnich’s home. They live in the North Teacher Tower in apartment 3C. The Stories will be shared and discussed in Taiwanese and Mandarin. Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, August 28th. Please come and bring a friend or two! Mary Agnes Minnich (
你想知道聖經是關於什麼的嗎? 它是充滿了有趣的故事! 請每週都來聽故事吧! 我們將於每週三1:15-3:30在Dan和Mary Agnes Minnich的家中聚會。 他們住在北塔North Teacher Tower 3C公寓。 這些故事將以台語和中文分享和討論。 我們的第一次聚會是在8月28日星期三。 請帶一兩個朋友來! Mary Agnes Minnich((


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