August 15, 2018


August 23, 24 MS Spiritual Life Emphasis/ Overnight/ Beginning of Year Party 國中靈修日/夜宿學校/開學派對
August 27 MS Soccer starts 國中足球開始
August 31 EMS MTTN (Meet the Teacher Night) at 7pm 中小學親師會,晚上七點

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to welcome you back to school as we begin the 2018-19 school year! I hope you had a wonderful summer vacation. After many travels this summer, I am glad to be back at school. All of us in the Morrison Academy EMS are delighted to have the opportunity to work with your children. Beginning with the newest members of our team, we have been preparing for the past two weeks for the start of school.

It is my pleasure to introduce our new staff who join our tremendous team of professionals along with those who shift to new positions this year. Let me begin with myself. My name is Scott Finch, and I will serve as Elementary-Middle School Principal this year. This is my seventh year with Morrison, fifth here in Taichung. While I will miss my role as Professional Learning Coach and my time as a fourth and fifth grade teacher, I am excited about my new role serving all of our parents, student, and staff as we strive to glorify God through our school. Here are our new teachers and others who take on new roles: 

  • Mrs. Crystal Liao – Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Keturah Nipper – 6th grade LA / 8th grade USH
  • Mr. John Van Hofwegen – Learning Needs Specialist
  • Miss. Felicia Chung – Chinese
  • Mrs. Sheppard – 2nd grade math
  • Mrs. Rebekah Owens – Professional Learning Coach, Experiential Learning Coordinator, Grade 7 Bible

A special welcome to all our new Kindergarten parents and other new families. We enjoy seeing new faces and sincerely hope you have the opportunity to engage in our school’s caring and warm environment.   

During this week’s chapel, I’ll be sharing about this year’s school theme. We’ve concluding our trilogy on wisdom and now turn to a focus on our commitment to God and we go All In for Christ this year. This theme essentially deals with how we live out our lives each day to glorify Him.  

On a final note, please know that our EMS teachers (with the exception of Kindergarten) will be administering the MAP standardized tests over the next two weeks. For best results, please make sure students get sufficient rest, have a nutritious diet and drink enough water. These assessments serve as beginning-of-year data that will help guide teachers’ instruction. We will share this data with you during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Mr. Finch

在2018-19 學年開學之際,我非常開心的歡迎大家。希望您暑期過得愉快。暑假當中,我旅行到幾個地方後,很開心能回到學校。馬禮遜中小學很榮幸能有機會在孩子的求學過程中陪伴他們。兩個禮拜前我們已經開始為新學年的準備。
高興有這個機會能在這裡為您介紹這個專業的團隊裡的新成員與他們所擔任的職務。就先從我個人開始,我是 Scott Finch ,今年的中小學校長。這是我在馬禮遜服務的第七年,在台中校區的第五年。在我從教務主任,四年級,五年級老師轉任校長的同時,我很興奮能從一個新的工作職位來服事家長,學生,和其他的教職員一起盡力透過學校來榮耀神。以下為您介紹新進的教職員和各科的新老師:

  • Mrs. Crystal Liao – Kindergarten 幼稚園  老師
  • Mrs. Keturah Nipper – 6th grade LA / 8th grade USH 六年級英文課及八年級美國歷史老師
  • Mr. John Van Hofwegen – Learning Needs Specialist  特殊教育老師
  • Miss. Felicia Chung – Chinese  中文老師
  • Mrs. Sheppard – 2nd grade math 二年級 數學老師
  • Mrs. Rebekah Owens – Professional Learning Coach, Experiential Learning Coordinator, Grade 7 Bible  教務主任,七年聖經課老師

我們要特別歡迎 新進的幼稚園和其他年級的家庭,很高興有機會和您見面也誠摯的希望您能融入馬禮遜這個溫暖的大家庭。
這星期的敬拜時間,我會分享今年的主題。我們剛剛結束過去三年智慧三部曲的主題,今年我們將專注於委身於上帝,“ ALL IN”。主題的精髓就是我們如何在每天的生活中榮耀神。

K8 Chapel will be in the auditorium on Thursday at 8:10am and our principal, Mr. Scott Finch, will be speaking to our students. Parents are always welcome to join our chapel services!
本週幼稚園~八年級崇拜時間在星期四早上8:10,地點在禮堂,將由我們的校長Mr. Scott Finch與學生分享信息。歡迎所有的家長參加我們的崇拜時間。

CALENDAR FOR 2018-19 SCHOOL YEAR  2018-19學年年曆
The calendar for the 2018-19 school year can be found here. 2018-19學年年曆可以在這裡找到。

T.H.I.N.K. T-SHIRTS for K5 STUDENTS  幼稚園~五年級學生T.H.I.N.K. T卹
Our annual digital citizenship boot camp is just around the corner! If your child has lost or outgrown his/her previous T.H.I.N.K.  t-shirt, now is the time to order a new one. Please fill out this form and send the money to your child’s teacher. Each t-shirt is 330nt. All orders must be placed by Monday,  August 20.
我們的年度數位公民訓練營即將來臨!如果您的孩子遺失或是因為長大不能穿下以前T.H.I.N.K. T卹,現在是訂購新品的時候了。請填寫此表並將錢繳交給您孩子的老師。每件T卹都是$330nt。所有訂單必須在8月20日星期一之前填妥完畢。

Have you ever wondered why the Bible is the bestselling book of all time? Do you wonder what your children are learning about God at school? Come join our 15 week Bible Storying group to learn about God and the Bible! The stories will be told in English and Mandarin and discussed in Mandarin. Please join us and bring a friend (parents outside of Morrison are also welcomed). Please contact Mary Agnes Minnich (
您有沒有曾經想過說為什麼聖經一直是最銷量的書?您想知道貴子弟在學校對神的了解嗎? 歡迎加入我們維奇15周的聖經課程,讓您對上帝以及對聖經的了解。這些故事將以英語和中文講解,中文進行討論。 請加入我們,歡迎帶一位朋友參加(馬禮遜學校以外的父母也歡迎)。 請聯繫Mary Agnes Minnich(。

Bible Storying Class 聖經故事班
Tuesday afternoons: 1-3p.m. 星期二下午1~3點
Parent Lounge (behind the Student Store) 家長休息是 (位於學生福利社後方教室)
First Meeting: 8/28 第一次聚會時間: 8/28

Middle School soccer starts on August 27. MS boys will practice on Mondays and Wednesdays after school, and MS girls will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Board games are a great way for students to use teamwork, communication, and logical thinking. If you’d like your child to take a break from technology, please consider enrolling your child in the 2018 Fall Board Game Fun class. The class is open for G1~G6 students and will meet every Monday after school 3:30 ~ 5:00pm starting September 10th. There will be 12 classes per semester. Maximum number of students who can sign up is 24 students.  Please contact Violet Chen in the office or at 0935-065442 for registration. The cost is NT$3600 for one semester. Please see this link for more details. The classes will be conducted in Chinese with English translation if needed.

透過桌上遊戲讓小朋友暫時離開充滿3C的世界,從最單純的遊戲中,讓小朋友學習透過思考找尋獲勝的方法,透過不同的益智桌上遊戲訓練小朋友的邏輯;遊戲中更能讓小朋友累積溝通與合作的經驗。課程開放給ㄧ~六年級學生,從九月十日開始,每週一課後 3:30~5:00pm 上課。每學期十二堂課。即日起開放報名至九月五日截止。 課程24人額滿。費用每學期 新臺幣3600元。 請洽辦公室Violet Chen 報名繳費。聯絡電話  0935-065442。課程以中文教學(如有需求,可加上英文翻譯)。詳細資訊請參考此檔案


We’ve had a great start to a new school year!