April 25, 2018


April 25 Progress Reports go home 近程學習成績寄發
April 27 MS Festival; Kindergarten roundup 國中音樂節;幼稚園入學測驗
April 28 Senior Flea Market 跳蚤市場
May 2 K3 Author Visit 作家到訪
May 3 K2 Spring Concert (7pm)  K-2 年級春季音樂會
May 4 Kindergarten roundup; ½ day of school for students 幼稚園考試,上半天課

Dear Parents,
This week marks the mid-quarter progress report update. In addition to notifying you about your child’s academic progress and study habits, we are again providing you with a year-end opportunity to give feedback on how well you think we are serving you as an educational partner. The EMS administrative assistants will share these surveys with you before the weekend. Please submit your thoughts by Friday, May 11.  

One of the highest items of positive feedback I’ve observed over the years is parents’ consistent appreciation for our pristine campus environment. Last weekend’s large family turnout for the EMS Family BBQ didn’t surprise me in the least. It was good to see staff, students and parents alike come out to enjoy our green space and excellent facilities. We not only take great pride in our beautiful grounds, but also seek to ensure a closed and secure campus where the general public does not have free and unrestrained access to our school.  

I look forward to seeing you at the Middle School Festival concert this Friday.

Mr. Myburgh

Mr. Myburgh 敬上

Grades 3-5 are in the auditorium tomorrow at 8:10am and Mrs. Sigrid Skaggs will be speaking to our students. Middle school chapel is in Commons at 8:35am and Mr. Randy Schmidt will be sharing.
3-5年級- 早上8:10在禮堂。由三年級導師 Ms. Sigrid Skaggs 分享。中學部- 早上8:35 在地下室,由 Mr. Randy Schmidt 分享。

The Morrison Middle School Festival Day is this Friday, April 27!  All middle school students from all three campuses will be attending this event on the Taichung campus.  This event will combine the rehearsal and performance of the music and drama/speech classes with a day of innovative, hands-on sessions and fellowship with students from other campuses. The schedule for the day can be found here. All parents are welcome to attend the 2:30 pm concert in the auditorium.
馬禮遜國中音樂節即將在四月二十七日,星期五舉行!所有三個校區的所有中學生都將參加台中校區的這一活動。 此次活動將有音樂和戲劇/演講課程的排練,他們結合表演與創新的實踐課程以及與其他校園的學生交流的日子。 這一天的時間表可以在這裡找到。 歡迎所有家長參加禮堂下午2:30的演奏會。

On Friday, all K8 parents will receive an email containing our annual teacher survey. Please take the time to share your input with us about how you think your children’s teachers have done this year in teaching your children.

K2 Spring Concert 春季音樂會 
Our Elementary/K2 Spring Concert “Bugz”- A Musical Play is NEXT Thursday, May 3rd, starting at 7:00 pm!! Please encourage and remind your child/children to memorize their songs and lines at home. Each student will be dressing up in an insect costume, and I’d like to give a big thank you to Ms. Elain Hsieh (Gr. 2 Chester Lin’s mom) for her help in renting all the costumes! I am excited about this upcoming Spring Concert!!! Again, thank you all so much for your wonderful support.  Ms. Ruan
K-2 年級的春季音樂會 “Bugz” 將在下週四,五月三日晚上7:30 舉行。請您鼓勵並且提醒孩子將歌詞背起來。非常感謝Mrs. Elain Hsieh (二年級Chester Lin 媽媽)幫我們租借昆蟲服裝,當天請讓孩子們穿著這些昆蟲服裝。非常期待我們的春季音樂會。再一次謝謝大家的支持!    阮老師 敬上

C3 Conference – Last chance to sign up! The registration window is closing on April 30 for the C3 Conference. Are you looking for ways to grow in your faith and learn how you can impact your friends for Christ?  The 3rd Annual Asia-based ACSI Student Leadership Conference will be held August 2-6, 2017 right here at home on Morrison’s campus.
This conference will focus on discipleship and practical ways to growth in your faith, as well as to lead others through your example.
For more information, please visit https://www.mca.org.tw/student-life/c3-conference/.
Complete your application online.   Please see Mr. Roloff with any questions.
C3 營隊–最後的報名機會喔! C3 營隊報將於4/30 截止報名。您正在找尋如何使信心增長的方法,和學習如何為基督的緣故來影響你的朋友嗎?亞洲區基督教學校第三次舉辦的年度學生領袖營隊將於今年八月二日至八月六日在台中馬禮遜校區舉辦。這個營隊將專注於門徒訓練和實用的信心成長方法,也包括透過自己的榜樣來帶領其他人。更多相關資訊,請上https://www.mca.org.tw/student-life/c3-conference/. 查詢。完成網路報名,如有任何問題,請與 Mr. Roloff 聯絡

We want to congratulate Samantha Shih and Michaela Chen in Grade 6 for publishing their first novel, But Don’t You Want to Go Home?  You are invited to the Book Launch on May 7 (Monday) 3:30pm in the 2nd grade classroom where they will share their experiences of writing and publishing their book.  The book is available on Amazon paperback and Kindle.  You can also purchase a copy with 15% discount at the Book Launch!  All proceeds from the book sale will be donated to Pregnancy Support Center.
恭喜六年級的Michaela Chen和Samantha Shih出版了她們的小說 But Don’t You Want to Go Home?  邀請您參加她們五月7日(週一)3:30pm在二年級教室的新書發表會,當中她們會分享構思、撰寫和出版小說的經驗。這本書可以在Amazon購買(印刷版和Kindle都有),您也可以在新書發表會中以85折買到精美的印刷版。賣書所得將全數捐贈台灣生命關懷協會(PSC)。

The Senior Flea Market is THIS Saturday, April 27. Please be sure to LOCK your lockers and bicycles and take all your unsecured belonging with you. This also includes the gym locker rooms. Anything left unattended will most likely be taken. This is your last week to clean out your house and donate your stuff to the Seniors. The donation room (under the stairs by the vending machine in the HS) is always unlocked. Large furniture items can be brought to the cafeteria at 3:30pm on Friday, April 27. Thanks for your support!
跳蚤市場就在本週六,四月二十八日。請鎖好你的置物櫃,腳踏車,並請您拓善保管您所有的物品。範圍包括體育館內的置物櫃。所有無人看管的勿品都有可能被拿走。這是您最後一週能出清您家中的物品捐給十二年級了。收集物品的地方,在高中部自動販賣機旁的摟梯間,隨時都開放,不上鎖。大型的傢俱請於四月二十七日,星期五下午3:30 帶到學校餐廳。感謝您的支持!

Did you know that 6 kilometers is the average distance people in the developing world have to walk to get drinking water every day? Even when they get it, that water is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. Access to clean water close to home changes the lives of children, families, and communities. Not only does it keep people healthier, but it often ensures that kids can go to school instead of spending hours every day fetching water from distant streams, wells, or muddy ponds.

On the morning of Saturday, May 19th, people in Taichung will walk, run, walk their dogs, or even push strollers with us in Taiwan’s first-ever World Vision Global 6K for Water event to help communities around the world gain access to safe drinking water.

There is a $50 registration fee that may be paid online using a credit card. You also have the option to pay in cash by entering the promocode PAY2MCA in your online registration form, then giving your money to the cashier in the front office. Those under the age of 18 can register for half price. The deadline to register is tomorrow, so don’t delay! (Parents, if your elementary-age child is participating, please make sure you are there to supervise them or that you arrange for another adult to do so.)

The money from each person’s registration will pay for clean water for one child in the developing world for the rest of their life! Participants will receive a Global 6K T-shirt, a medal, and a race bib with the picture and the name of the child you are supplying clean water to. Learn more and sign up now by scanning the QR code or visiting gg.gg/6K4water. “Water” you waiting for?

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