April 22, 2020


April  四月
April 22 K3 soccer ends- pizza party 幼稚園~三年級 足球結束- 比薩派對
April 23 G4-5 soccer ends- pizza party 四年級~五年級 足球結束- 比薩派對
May 1 Progress reports sent home 近程成績寄發
May 8 Kindergarten testing (NO school for current K students) 幼稚園入學考試(當日幼稚園不上課)
May 9 MS 3-on-3 basketball tournament 國中3對3籃球比賽

MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH- for moms of seniors 母親節早午餐會- 給12 年級家長
This year’s Mother’s Day Brunch will be held on May 8. Due to government restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend an indoor event, our Mother’s Day Brunch will be limited to the moms of seniors this year. It’s unfortunate that we aren’t able to extend an invitation to ALL of our wonderful MAC moms, but we hope that it is a special event for the moms of our senior class, the class of 2020. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to Rachel or Janice in the office.

We are now in the start of our second week back to school since our campus went online for two weeks before Spring Break. The students have been enjoying most of their normal activities and routines, with our pandemic modifications in place. Our teachers and staff have been diligent to follow the guidelines set forth by Taiwan’s CECC.
由於我們的校園在春假之前已經線上教學了兩個星期,我們現在是回校上課的第二個星期。 依照防疫需調整的要求,學生們基本都都享受他們大部分的正常上課和平時的正常活動。 我們的老師和員工一直在努力遵守台灣CECC制定的指導方針。

Some of these include: 以上包含

  • Daily temperature checks before coming onto campus (all students and guests)
  • Wearing masks on campus
  • Moving desks in the classroom 1.5 meters apart
  • Spacing out the seating in the cafeteria, as well as expanding seating to outside picnic tables
  • Extra effort in hand sanitation before entering the cafeteria
  • Staggering chapel times so as not to meet as large groups in enclosed spaces
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning of classrooms and common spaces by our competent cleaning staff


  • 每日進入校園之前的測量體溫(所有的學生和來賓)
  • 全天在校園內戴口罩
  • 教室中的書桌相距1.5米
  • 餐廳的座位保持社交距離,並將座位擴展到室外野餐桌
  • 進入餐廳之前,加強手部消毒清潔
  • 分堂崇拜時間,以避免在密比空間多人群聚
  • 清潔人員經常徹底清潔教室和公共空間

Thanks to the extra effort of teachers, parents and students, our pandemic modifications are keeping our school a safe learning environment for everyone.

Krispy Kreme donuts are being delivered again! Pre-order Krispy Kreme donuts from this link: http://tiny.cc/donutsPSC. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Pregnancy Support Center! The donuts will be delivered on 5/1/2020 at 3:20 in the atrium. No more orders will be taken after 4/26/2020 6:00 pm. At the pick up location, individual donuts will be sold at a price of 50 NT each. However, the individual donuts are likely to sell out fast and there will only be a limited amount of donuts – pre-ordering from the form is encouraged. Make sure to order donuts now!”- Mitchell Lee, student
Krispy Kreme甜甜圈將次外送! 如要預訂Krispy Kreme甜甜圈請至此連結:http://tiny.cc/donutsPSC。 100%的收益將捐贈給台灣家庭關懷協會! 甜甜圈將於5/1/2020 3:20在中庭交付。 在4/26/2020 下午6:00之後將不再接受任何訂單。 在取貨地點,每個甜甜圈的價格為50新台幣。 但是,單點的甜甜圈數量有限,可能會很快售罄,-鼓勵在網上預定。 請立即訂購甜甜圈!”-學生Mitchell Lee

GLOBAL 6K for WATER 環球六公里,為水其邁步
Thursday (April 16) is the LAST day to register for the Global 6K for Water! After the deadline, you will not be guaranteed to receive a medal, a t-shirt, or a race bib. However, donations are still highly encouraged. Check out this video to learn more! Make sure to sign up now at gg.gg/6k4water!
星期四(4月16日)是全球環球6公里,為水邁步報名的最後一天! 在截止日期之後,您將無法保證獲得獎牌,T卹或比賽號碼牌。 但是,仍然強烈鼓勵捐款。 請觀看此影片以了解更多信息! 請立即在gg.gg/6k4water!註冊!

The Taichung MoE has recommended that swim lessons and classes held at school be canceled through the month of May. We will not have swim classes in PE this semester. Mr. Peleo has other skills and standards that he needs to cover this year.
台中教育部建議取消學校五月份舉行的游泳課程。 這個學期體育課取消上游泳課程。 Mr. Peleo還有其他體育技能和課綱來做體育課教學。

K5 after-school soccer

G7 and G1 Reading Buddies

Pandemic Modifications- great job, students!

Fun in the Makerspace with Mr. Basnett