Tung Shin Jiu Senior Citizens Home

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At first, we were very nervous, and we weren’t sure what it would be like since some of us had never been to a nursing home. We weren’t even sure how we were supposed to communicate with the people there if some of them couldn’t even talk. But when we got there we found out that it wasn’t that hard, and most of them could speak well. When we all got back to the class room, we were really tired from all the work, but when we thought about how it was during the reflection time, we remembered that Jesus said “It is better to give than to receive.”

“I felt tired when I came back but great to weed the yard and get it looking clean.” -Jennifer Chiang

“I felt both happy and sad. I was happy to push the old people around and help them. I was sad that I couldn’t help more.” -Tracy Ng

“I was excited to be able to help and talk to the old people, and roll them around in wheelchairs. I wonder when other people will go back and help or talk to them again.”-Julia Fan

By Ayane (G6)