Tung Shin Jiu Elderly Center (G7)

Grade 7’s November CSL trip was to the Tung Shin Jiu senior center, which is just a 7-minute walk from Morrison. There are currently 42 residents at the center, and most are wheelchair-bound. This is the second year that Morrison grade 7 has visited this senior center.

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When we arrived, we separated into three groups to meet the center’s requests: one group swept out the alley near the center, a second group did some washing, and the majority of us played Bingo with the residents. Our next activity was to present the plants that we had been stewarding to the residents and to help them paint a clay pot to put it in. Finally, we did interviews with the residents who were able to communicate with us.

One of the best surprises of this trip was learning how glad the residents were to see us and how happy many of them were with the activities that we planned for them. We were also surprised at how limited the communication was for many of us, as only a small percentage of the residents spoke Mandarin – most only spoke Taiwanese! It was great to learn how much can be communicated through smiles and touches, and how important teamwork can be, as the center workers stepped forward to translate for us. Many of us also saw ways that our character strengths could be helpful in serving others. We learned that good communication between ourselves and those we’re visiting is important and that we could do a better job with the details on this in the future.