Thanksgiving with Ssu Cheng Li MS

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The day started with students going to their separate groups: the Turkeys and the Pilgrims. Morrison students and Shi-Zhang Li students were paired with students from different schools. The Shi-Zhang Li students and Morrison students had a blast trying to find each others partners with only nametags to guide them. When they finally found their partners, they slowly got to know each other better throughout the day, but it might have been hard to kick-start their relationships during the first activity: Thanksgiving storytime. Some brave students even took the risk of standing onstage and explaining the Thanksgiving story in English and Chinese

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But by the second activity, Bingo/Card Making, everybody was chatting and talking. (Turkeys and Pilgrims groups would rotate through two stations, Thanksgiving Bingo and Card Making, then join up together to experience bit of true Thanksgiving food.)

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In the Bingo station, eighth grade volunteers ran games of Thanksgiving bingo to help familiarize the Shi-Zhang Li students with Thanksgiving terms. All students agreed that it was a blast getting to know each other.

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Finally, Morrison students presented their Shi-Zhang Li partners with special gift bags and cards, and told them about more opportunities to attend Christian activities with them.

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When the Shi-Zhang Li students left, everybody felt sense of glad accomplishment at having understood what it meant to connect with students from different cultures. The two schools would participate in more activities to come.

Article written by 8th grade student, Annie L.